May 24, 2024
How To find out if A Netflix series or movie is about to be removed?

It has happened to each of us at some point in our lives – we have yet to see a movie, we put it on the favorites list but we let time go by and one day, when we go to see it, it is gone.

Something worse is if this happens with a series that we have half and of which we are left without knowing the outcome.

Do you want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you? There is a way to know if a series or movie is going to be removed from Netflix. We’ll tell you how.

Find Out which Netflix series or movie is going to be removed from the platform

Just as you are attentive to the news that will reach Netflix so as not to miss the best releases, it would also be interesting if you had controlled the contents that are going to disappear shortly, in case you want to see them before it is no longer possible.

Netflix has taken care of this and shows it in two ways. The simplest is, when it comes to a series, that it sends us a notification advising that said series will no longer be available in 30 days.

Therefore, we will hurry to do a marathon and finish the seasons that we have pending. In the case of movies or series that we have not started yet, as long as we have them as favorites, we will see their expiration date in My List.

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It is very useful to use the My List function to save the contents that we want to see later and also to be attentive to these types of changes.

And now, let me give you some advice: If a series or movie is going to disappear from Netflix, it will most likely “move” to another platform.

Applications like JustWatch will allow you to know where it is available and thus be able to see it if you also have an active subscription to that other service.

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