May 24, 2024
How to Crop an Image Within a Word Document

The truth is that Word documents, although they are used to make certain compositions, are mainly for writing and not for this purpose. That is why working with images in the Microsoft application is always complicated, since it is not designed so that there are many of them.

Image is Worth a Thousand Words

Despite this, the Redmond people are aware that an image is worth a thousand words and have included different tools for editing the snapshots in their word processor. But of all of them, the one we are dealing with today is one that perhaps you have never noticed, the “Crop” that appears when marking an image in the “Format” options and in the “Image Tools” menu. It is important to say that first, you have to select the image and then click where it says tools because that is how all these options will come out.

Once they are on the screen, we only have to look for the one that says “Crop” so that the tool appears and we only have to drag the edge of the image box so that only the one we want to see remains present.

How to Remove Tthe “KB” That we Have Cut From The Final Document

On the other hand, this actually masks the clipping we have made. If we also want that part of the image that we have withdrawn to be eliminated, with what we will gain in that our document will weigh a few KB or even MB less, we must go to the other corner of the tools to find the option to “Compress images “.

By clicking on this button, what we open is a new box that will allow us, if we select the option “Delete the cropped areas of the images”, to make that part of the snapshots disappear and, therefore, the information associated with them.

How to crop an image within a Word document

How to crop an image within a Word document – The truth is that they are two tools that few people know but that will surely allow you to create more professional-looking documents in which the photos only show what the author wants.