May 24, 2024
Season 3 of Call of Duty - Warzone 2 Arrives

Season 3 of Call of Duty – Warzone 2 is set to arrive on April 12, and with it comes a host of major improvements to the popular DMZ mode. Activision has detailed several exciting changes, including an overhaul of the mode’s armor vests and backpack systems, a new bartering system, and the addition of two new helpful items.

Improved Armor Vests and Backpacks

One of the most significant changes in DMZ for Season 3 of Call of Duty is the revamp of armor vests and backpacks. Backpacks will now come in two types: secure and scavenge. Secure backpacks will allow players to secure non-contraband and non-on-soldier items in their inventory, which will convert to XP upon extraction. Meanwhile, scavenge backpacks will simply offer additional item slots for players looking to scavenge.

The armored plate vest will also have four different variants in Season 3 – Tempered, Revive, Comms, and Stealth. These variants will cater to different playstyles and offer unique advantages. For example, the Comms vest will act like a signal booster, increasing the duration of all UAV technology in DMZ and making them function as Advanced UAVs.

New Bartering System

Season 3 of DMZ will introduce a new bartering system that allows players to swap goods at Buy Stations. Recipes are needed to craft new equipment from items scavenged from the map, and these recipes can be found at the Buy Stations around the maps. The launch of Season 3 will include recipes for some of DMZ’s new plate carriers and backpacks, killstreaks, self-revive kits, and keys.

There are dozens of item trade combinations that will launch with Season 3, and these are set recipes that can be memorized to make them easy to share with teammates and scavenge for specific items. Additionally, Building 21 and Ashika Island locations will each have their own unique set of barter options across its Buy Stations, meaning players might need to exfil to a different map for a specific item.

New Workbench Feature

Another exciting addition to Season 3 of DMZ is the workbench feature. These workbenches will be located near Buy Stations and will allow players to modify their Contraband weapons. Players can spend cash to add or remove attachments, customizing the weapon piece by piece. This feature will allow players to create customized weapons that are tailored to their specific playstyle.

Helpful New Items

Season 3 of DMZ will also introduce two new helpful items: the Rebreather and Skeleton Key. The Rebreather, which is the air tank item featured in Modern Warfare 2‘s first Raid episode, will be added as a field upgrade in Season 3 of DMZ. This will help players who are searching for underwater loot or benefit those looking to make an underwater escape.

The Skeleton Key is a key that can unlock any door in DMZ, with the only exception being Building 21’s Access Keycard. Even though players can’t use it to unlock Building 21 for deployment, they can open every door that requires a keycard or key in Building 21 or the other Exclusion Zones. The Skeleton Key can only be created through a special barter recipe.


Season 3 of Call of Duty – Warzone 2 will bring significant improvements to the popular DMZ mode, including a revamp of armor vests and backpacks, a new bartering system, a workbench feature, and two new helpful items. The backpacks will now come in two types, secure and scavenge, while the armored plate vest will have four different variants.

The new bartering system will allow players to swap goods at Buy Stations, and the workbench feature will enable players to modify their Contraband weapons. Additionally, the Rebreather and Skeleton Key items will help players in the search for underwater loot and unlocking doors, respectively.