July 16, 2024
How to Download Photos and Videos From Facebook Fast and Easy

You can download your photos and videos from Facebook with the tools available on the platform or using third-party applications. Facebook is one of the most popular social networks and also a great trunk of memories of you and your friends. And the platform is full of photos and videos that have recorded important moments, so you will surely want to download them to your computer or smartphone.

So to help you have everything where you want it, in this article we will show you the official methods, as well as some other alternatives to download your own and third-party Facebook photos and videos. You can’t stop reading to the end!

How to download Facebook photos in the simplest way

If you want to save a single photo from Facebook, don’t bother looking for third-party applications or websites, since the platform itself offers you a simple download tool:

On your computer, open the photo, click the three-dot icon, and then click Download.
If you use a mobile device, open the photo in the Facebook app, click on the three-dot icon and then click Save to the device.

How to download Facebook albums

If you want to download a Facebook album from your own profile, Facebook also has a simple method to do it. You only need to follow the steps below:

  • Open your Facebook profile.
  • Go to the Photos section.
  • Once there, click on Albums.
  • Open the album you want to download.
  • In the upper right corner of the window, click the three-dot icon.
  • Select the Download album option.
  • Facebook will start the process, and depending on the size of the album, this may take some time.
  • When it is finished you will receive a notification that the album is ready to download.
    The downloaded album comes as a ZIP file, so you will need to extract it to access the images.

What is the best way to download all of your Facebook images at once?

There is also a simple method to download all the Facebook photos you have uploaded, and you can even get them arranged in a folder for each album. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Enter the Facebook website from your computer and go to the Settings menu.
  • Click Your Facebook Information.
  • Select Download your information.
  • Click Deselect All, and then check only the Posts box.
  • Now, choose the image quality of your files. We recommend switching from Medium to High if you want full-resolution copies.
  • Click Create File.
  • Facebook will take some time to prepare the ZIP file, depending on the number of photos and videos you have uploaded to the platform.
  • When everything is ready, download and unzip the archive to see all your publications, with the albums classified in folders.

You can also use third-party apps

If none of the above methods are for you, you can still do it using third-party apps, and one of the best is VNHero Studio. This is the best app for downloading images and videos from Facebook that exists and it is also free and very easy to use. The application allows you to download your own photos and albums, and also those of your friends. Of course, you should know that it is only available for Android.

Download | VNHero Studio for Android

But if you prefer to use Facebook on your PC or laptop, there are also some tools that can do the job for you. Among them, we can mention the FBDown website, where you will only have to copy and paste the link of the photo or video you want to download. You can also find and install it as one of the best extensions for Google Chrome.

All of the above methods allow you to download photos and videos easily, but you may want to consider moving them from Facebook to Google Photos.