July 10, 2024
They Created a Special Light to Ensure The Safety of Cyclists on The Road

Did you know that accidents cause a large number of deaths in the bicycle world? A simple and simple light could reduce the number of claims. In recent years, some sports such as cycling have experienced strong growth in terms of demand. This is great news since we are facing a very healthy activity regardless of the age in question.

However, it presents a real problem; inexperience. It is essential to be aware of factors such as speed or the reliability of the bicycle itself.

Sometimes exceeding 50 km / h is something of the most common. This occurs mainly on the road. This type of situation, in the hands of a person who barely has a 2-wheel culture, can translate into a serious risk to their integrity.

Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious and, of course, invest in technologies that guarantee visibility in the face of other means of transport.

Lighting is key to ensuring rider safety

In this sense, cyclists can count on a curious technology in the form of lighting. A new project is mainly aimed at improving the visibility of users through a simple modification of the lighting system. No, it is not a simple flicker of light. We are talking, above all, about the placement of the flashlight to improve safety.

The name of this rear light is L-Bow and it is specially designed to ensure that any other road user maintains a certain distance from the bicycle. In the vast majority of countries, there is an express regulation in relation to the separation that must be kept with the cyclist. In Spain, for example, it is 1.5 meters for overtaking.

This is not always respected, which results in situations of great risk for the user of the bicycle. With the aim of reducing the chances of suffering an accident, this technology draws attention by showing in more detail, what safety should be between any other vehicle and the bicycle. What are the hallmarks of this technology?

L-Bow, the curious lighting to improve cyclist safety

We are facing a product that does not have great technical development or great research work behind it. Its foundation is referred, basically, to the creation of a solution based on one’s own experience. As you can read, Sean Whiffin, L-Bow basically seeks to improve the appreciation of distance for the driver of a vehicle.


The Ethical Choice

L-Bow allows cars to have a better reference of space in overtaking. Thanks to this curious lighting, it will be easier to keep a safe distance between, for example, a car, and a bicycle. So much so that its configuration is very simple.

In relation to the materials used, its main differentiation lies in the provision of a completely moldable product, which is a basic requirement for the performance of its function.

LED technology is present as a means of illumination in L-Bow at the same time, it has a row of LED technology lights in red. The system allows the adoption of up to 8 types of blinks, something essential to ensure that other road users can get used to the idea of the presence of the people riding the bicycle.

The objective is to extend the light to the side to determine the distance to keep.

Regarding its fastening, it is striking to see how we are dealing with a product that is attached to the lower part of the saddle through a magnetic coupling. In this way, retention is achieved that does not present problems in the face of potholes. In the same way, it has compounds with which corrosion will not be a problem in the medium and long term.

Easy installation and, above all, great autonomy of use

Among the most outstanding qualities of this technology, it is necessary to make a special point about its autonomy of use. With a single full charge, you can enjoy continuous flashing for a total of 45 hours. This makes this kind of gadget a solution to be evaluated to have an additional security tool.

L-Bow has proven to be a technology with the potential to improve rider safety. It is important to note that this model had the first generation. This version has managed to improve in all those aspects in which there was some other fault, so it is a product designed to offer the best performance to the user.

Now, would you buy this type of lighting at any price? You already know what your acquisition cost is.

If you want to get one of the units present on the market, you will have to pay the amount of 35 dollars. As is customary in this type of innovative proposal, we are facing a new technology that is found in crowdfunding programs, so the price could be reduced in the future if its commercialization were better than expected.