May 24, 2024
Livall EVO21 Helmet, the Technology Created to Improve the Safety of Cyclists

The helmet is a part of essential equipment for a cyclist. Now, are they all the same? The livall option offers differential performance due to its qualities.

The cyclist is one of the users of the public road that supports the most danger. After all, in the event of a hypothetical accident, it hardly lacks protections to help mitigate possible blows. For this reason, improving passive safety to minimize the chances of suffering a mishap is essential. In this sense, all help is little to pursue this end.

Taking a quick look at the market, it is possible to find very specific products whose function is to protect the integrity of the cyclist. In this sense, the Livall company has presented a differential bet, which is mainly focused on improving the cyclist’s visibility. Even so, it has technology that goes much further in terms of security.

The Livall helmet offers additional protection and, above all, the visibility it is a helmet that, of course, complies with all the respective approvals in terms of head protection. However, what makes it different is the amount of additional equipment it offers to alert others to its presence. It also does it in a slightly intrusive and, above all, configurable way. Hence, we are facing a somewhat special product.

Well, what are the qualities that a proposal of these characteristics should fulfill? In the past, we were able to see how there were already options capable of showing the direction to take or simply flashing during braking. This model, due to its longevity as a prototype, offers superior and distinct performance. In fact, changes have been made at the design level.

Let us see, therefore, what are the solutions that have been applied in this new version, why we are facing a differential project in the market, and, above all, what are the capabilities it offers with respect to its theoretical competence. Why can it become the best bet in this very specific market? Here are some of the keys to the project.

A commitment to the visibility of the cyclist thanks to Livall

What does this startup offer compared to the competition in the bicycle helmet market? The key to the project lies in the improvement it offers in terms of visibility. It is a bet that draws attention because it has a series of technologies that are focused on passive safety. The configurable lighting that it offers is the most remarkable.

As can be seen in the previous images, it has a light that runs along the entire rear. It is located in a strategic place to ensure that the vehicles that circulate in the rear can be aware of the distance that separates them with respect to the bicycle and, of course, of the maneuvers carried out by the user wearing the helmet.

The lighting consists of 2 LED panels to offer great visibility in the front part, it has another LED type panel, which serves to warn vehicles that are driving in the opposite direction of its presence. Both options can be configured in relation to the possibility of offering a higher or lower intensity or simply calibrating the blink system. In this way, you can choose one configuration or another according to the available battery level.

In addition, the helmet has its own accelerometer. In this way, if the brake is pressed with a certain intensity, a flash of greater intensity will be activated automatically to warn the users who precede it of the performance of said maneuver. It is, therefore, a solution that is very intuitive in terms of security.


A proposal was created to offer visibility above all

It should be noted that we are dealing with a product that has been on the market for a while. However, in this latest update, a strong commitment has been made in terms of the use of materials and, of course, LED-type panels. In addition, it has a solution that makes this technology one of the preferred technologies for cyclists who have a fondness for riding outside the city.

Livall is one of the helmets that provide greater visibility to the user. New Atlas
As can be read in the specialized technology portal New Atlas, we are facing a solution that attracts attention for having a curious innovation. In the event of a fall, the helmet is capable of sending a message to a specific contact. The user has a period of 90 seconds to avoid said sending, which shows to what extent we are facing advanced technology.

Its certifications make this technology a very complete product in relation to its autonomy, with a charge of about 3 hours it could be used up to a maximum of 10 hours. In the same way, it is a very robust product, with IPX5 certification for water. At the same time, it has an automatic on and off the system, so you will not waste energy.

Well, what is the price to pay to enjoy a proposal of these characteristics? Its cost to the public, if it ends up being produced, is expected to be $ 129. For this, it will be required, at least, that this company has the necessary financing to enter the assembly line.