May 24, 2024
How to Disable The GPS of The Watch Series 2

One of the novelties of the Apple Watch Series 2 is the GPS, which can be used for sports routines and that as soon as we link the watch to our iPhone for the first time it will ask us if we want to have it active during our sports sessions.

How to disable GPS on Apple Watch Series 2 or Apple Watch Series 3

Starting from the second generation, the Apple Watch smartwatch got a larger battery, notably extending the gadget’s service life. However, some users do not have enough and want to extend the battery life of the watch even more.


It stands to reason that this requires disabling power-consuming features such as GPS navigation. But how do you disable GPS in watch settings, and can this be done at all?

Can I disable GPS on Apple Watch Series 2 and 3?

Simply put, no, there is no option to disable GPS in the Apple Watch settings. The thing is. The watch itself activates and deactivates this function depending on the situation.

It goes without saying that Apple understands how demanding the GPS chip can be in terms of power consumption, which is why the watch only uses it in certain cases.

For example, if the user has an iPhone with geolocation activated, the watch will receive its location and movement data, thereby saving energy. Many users mistakenly think that if they disable geolocation on their iPhone, it will also be disabled on their watch, but it actually has the opposite effect.

Also, when the training mode is activated, the GPS will only be used when moving in open terrain. Thus, while jogging or swimming in the sea or lake, the location detection will be activated, but in the case of training in the gym or in the pool, it will be deactivated.

In other words, the Apple Watch simply remembers the GPS data received from the iPhone during the last syncing session. Naturally, if you start a workout like running by leaving your mobile phone at home or in the car, and once you have finished your training, when you are near your mobile phone again, the Apple Watch will automatically sync with your iPhone and all the Data from your last workout, including your travel route, will be available in the Activity app (in the “Workouts” tab).

If GPS is required for third-party applications, it will only be activated for the duration of the immediately locate operation.

In case you notice that your Apple Watch’s GPS is not working properly (it doesn’t track your location accurately or calculate distances), you should perform the smartwatch calibration procedure according to these instructions.

At the same time, Apple is not positioning the Apple Watch as a watch with improved battery life. This is not only due to the brighter screen but also due to the fact that the battery life is directly dependent on the user’s lifestyle. After all, people who frequently run on open terrain or swim in open bodies of water may not notice a significant difference.