April 18, 2024
How to Create Polls in Zoom Meetings

Creating polls is a great way to gather feedback from your zoom meeting attendees. With Zoom, you can create multiple-choice or single-response surveys and even view the results live. Learn how to create polls for zoomed meetings.

Before you start, you need to create some zoom meeting polls. First of all, you (the host) must be a licensed user. Second, you can only create polls for scheduled meetings or for individual meetings using your Personal Meeting ID (PMI).

For security reasons, we recommend that you only use your PMI for personal meetings, eg. B. for gatherings with friends and family.

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Activate the query for zoomed meetings.
You must enable the query option before you can create a survey. Please log in to zoom your web browser and select “Account Settings” under “Account Management” in the “Administrator” group on the left area.

You are now on the Meeting tab. Scroll down until you find the Polling option almost halfway across the screen. Move the slider to the right to activate the query, Slider to activate the query function when the query is triggered, it’s time to create your survey.

Create a poll

Select the Meetings tab in the left pane of the Zoom web interface.
You can now schedule a new zoom meeting or select a meeting that is already scheduled in your meeting list. We will choose our planned meeting. Name of the scheduled meeting.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find a box with the text that you have not created a survey. Choose “Add”.

Create a new poll for the meeting you’ve chosen

The Add Survey window appears. The first step is to name your survey and decide if the responses are anonymous or not. So when you see the results, you only see that a “guest” answered the question instead of the actual user.

Name of the survey and option to make anonymous responses.
Then type your question (no more than 255 characters), select whether you want a single or multiple-choice answer, and then type the answers. Each question can have up to ten answers.

Question and answer for the zoom survey

By selecting “Add question” at the bottom of the window and repeating the process, you can add more questions to the survey. When you are done, select “Save”.


Add a question and save the survey.

After creating your survey, you can start it during the zoom meeting.

Start your survey during the zoom meeting –  when the zoom meeting has started and you are ready to begin the survey, select Surveys at the bottom of the meeting window.

Survey option in zoom meeting

The Polls window appears. Review the questions and answers and then select “Start Polling”.

Launch the poll button.

You can see the results of the query in real time. Once everyone has voted, select ‘End Poll’.

Exit the query key.

You will now see the results of the survey. You can share the survey results with participants or restart the survey.

Share results or reset poll buttons.

To view the results again later, select the meeting on the Previous Meetings tab in the web portal, select Survey Report next to the Report Type option, and run the report. Then you can see the results of previous meetings.