April 25, 2024
How Can I Get my iPhone 12 to Use 5G

The 5G network doesn’t always work on your iPhone 12. This is what you must do to rectify the situation. Apple has presented the renewal of its phones with the arrival of the iPhone 12. A device that has great improvements compared to the last generation and where one of its great attractions is connectivity with 5G networks.

If you already bought your new iPhone 12, you will notice that the 5G symbol appears directly on the screen, but did you know that you are possibly still browsing on 4G LTE? If you want to know how to enjoy maximum browsing speed, keep reading and we will show you how to do it step by step.

How Do 5G Networks Work on The iPhone 12?

As you know, 5G networks require higher energy consumption in mobile devices compared to other networks, such as 4G LTE itself. To prevent your mobile from being discharged in a noisy way and above all, to extend the useful life of the battery, Apple opted for its devices to connect to these networks when it was most beneficial.

How do 5G networks work on the iPhone 12How do 5G networks

What does this translate to? That when you are downloading large files, watching streaming videos, or playing online, the iPhone will connect to the 5G network (if you have one available) automatically. On the other hand, if you do not require this type of connection, for example, for background updates, you will be with LTE.

The point is that the network symbol on Apple’s desktop does not vary based on the sort of connection you have. That is, it can show 5G when you are
“But if my mobile indicates that it is connected to 5G networks, why does the symbol appear? really on LTE, as it is something that devices have by default.

Even so, there is nothing to worry about, since there is a way to make your iPhone always stay connected to the 5G network (as long as there is one available where you are) and thus enjoy maximum browsing speed.


How to Make my iPhone 12 Always Connect to 5G?

There is a very simple method you can use to make your iPhone 12 always stay connected to 5G and here is how to do it:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the section “Mobile networks” now.
  • Then, click on “Cellular data options” and then “Voice and Data”.
  • A list of network options that your iPhone 12 can connect to will appear, these being: 5G, 5G automatically, LTE.
  • Here, you must activate the “5G” box instead of “5G automatically”, which is the one that comes by default.

Ready, now your iPhone 12 will always navigate to 5G whenever it is connected to a network of these characteristics.

The 5G network doesn’t always work on your iPhone 12. This is what you should do to rectify the situation.
Now, the first option keeps the 5G network constantly active, while the second does it when the battery life is not affected. This can be confusing since in theory there would be no difference between the consumption of the 5G network and that of LTE.

In this way, Apple would force computers to use LTE constantly, even if you are performing a task that could be more efficient connected to 5G, such as downloading files or consuming multimedia streaming.

Even so, it will depend on the availability of the networks where you are and your connection needs. Now that you know how to activate 5G connectivity by default, test how your battery is performing and let us know