July 15, 2024
What is The Best Via-T Benefits of Bip & Drive With The Best Mobility Application on The Market?

We are sure that the Via-T benefits of Bip & Drive and its fabulous application will make your trips much faster and more enjoyable.

Today, thanks to technology, we can do almost everything with our phones.

From managing bank accounts to ordering food, watching series and movies, taking incredible photos, or visiting and updating different social networks. In reference to mobility, one of the great innovations is the use of applications and/or devices such as Via-T that facilitate the life of the driver, since they are capable of carrying out tasks as varied as paying at gas stations, tolls, or parking lots, among many other options.

The Via-T, also known as electronic toll collection, is a system that makes it possible to pay motorway rates quickly and easily without having to waste time lowering the window, taking the ticket, and paying the corresponding amount.

Currently, there are different companies that offer the Via-T service. A clear example of them is Bip & Drive. In addition to being a device that allows the opening of barriers in tolls and parking lots, they have a complementary application that allows to carry out other types of payments in a simple and fast way in a series of services such as gas stations and parking meters, making it one of the platforms most complete of the mobility market.

Currently, his device is the most used on the market, with more than a million users throughout Spain.


Advantages of using the Bip & Drive device

As for the Via-T Bip & Drive device, it is an electronic device that is placed inside the windshield and that allows payments to be made on the Spanish, French, and Portuguese highways quickly, among other associated options such as its use for the automatic payment in more than 220 car parks.

  • As already mentioned, it allows you to pay the Via-T tolls. But not only that, but it also offers exclusive discounts for the use of the device on highways.
  • It makes possible the automatic opening of the barriers of certain public car parks and the subsequent management of the payment of the fee, as well as in parking meters in certain cities since it is a means of payment certified by the Bank of Spain.
  • This option is especially useful at this time since it is a good way to avoid possible infections caused by the manipulation of public furniture.
  • One of the newest options is that it is able to locate the place where a car is parked that has previously been specified in the application, thanks to the device located on the windshield.
  • You can hire their service throughout the year (called the Frequent Plan) for € 15 + VAT, obtaining the device completely free of charge.
  • If you don’t need to go through the highway every month of the year, don’t worry!
  • With your Occasional Plan, you will only pay € 6.5 + VAT for the cost of the device and € 2 + VAT for each month you use it.
  • It allows you to go through the highways of Portugal and France without having to pay in cash or a card.
  • Expenses related to parking lots and highways are made directly with the device and are charged to your itemized bill at the end of the month. For the other services, payments are made directly and instantly from the application, which you can then see in your client area that you will find both on the web and in the app.
  • It has a Customer Service specialized in the electronic toll option, with contact options via email or telephone.

Bip & Drive and the services offered by the new application for drivers

This complete application, available for both devices with Android and iOS operating systems, offers the possibility of managing various services from the palm of your hand:

  • It calculates, in advance, the cost of tolls for a specific route.
  • It allows making payments at gas stations and car wash centers.
  • The application has a search engine that allows you to find gas stations, car parks, parking meters, service stations en route, or car washes, among other services, depending on a selected location.
  • If you are attentive, you will be able to access a large number of discounts and promotions when using the app, which will allow you to save on your bill at the end of the month. Finally, it allows you to easily book and pay for your ITV appointment. Where, if you are from the community of Madrid, you will be able to save up to € 12!

In addition, one of the great advantages over other similar applications is based on the fact that Bip & Drive allows you to easily check the invoices for all your services.

The total amount, together with the rest of the expenses made through the application, can be broken down according to the different options selected: payments paid on a certain day, even at a specific time, or separated by a specific service.

Likewise, they can be separated between personal and professional expenses, downloading in a simple and direct way any ticket that is necessary.

Both the use of the Bip & Drive Pay service, which allows you to pay from the platform; As the perfect match between the app and the Via-T device, it is a great option for drivers today. For us, it is without any doubt the most complete application for the driver since you can have all the services you need in the palm of your hand. In addition, it is possible to save money thanks to the exclusive discounts offered to users. Can you ask for more?