April 25, 2024
What do the lights on the AirPods' charging case mean?

What is the LED on my AirPods indicating? Discover it here. The AirPods are devices or wireless headphones color banks developed by Apple. They may be connected to any Apple device using Bluetooth technology, and the battery life is outstanding.

In addition, their small size makes them easy to take anywhere, they have better audio quality, remote control, and built-in microphone and work well for listening to music and even answering calls.

Meaning of the LED on the AirPods charging case for its part, the light on its case is an indication to know key information about the AirPods, so it is necessary to clearly know what the lights on the charging case mean.

Where to find the AirPods status light?

First and foremost, it is important to note that there are many types of AirPods available, thus the placement of the LED may vary depending on the headphones. The light will be positioned within the case, directly in the center of both headphones if they are first and second version AirPods.

If, on the contrary, you have AirPods Pro you will see the light located on the front of the wireless charging case. The light will stay on for a brief period once you attach the headphones (8-9 seconds).


What does the AirPods status light mean?

Each case comes with a light that can reveal information about the status of the AirPods, so it is important to know the meaning of each color. Let’s get started!

Meaning of each color of the AirPods status light

White light – flashing: it means that it is preparing to initiate synchronization with Apple computers or other devices.

Amber light – AirPods inside the case: Amber indicates that your headphones are at the lowest battery percentage and that it has begun to charge.

Amber light – AirPods out of the case: means the case is low on battery to charge the wireless earbuds. It’s time to connect your case to recharge its battery.

Amber Light – Powered – means your case has started charging.

Greenlight – AirPods in the case: Indicates that the wireless earbuds have reached their maximum charge. You may remove them and re-use them.

Greenlight – AirPods out of the case: means that the case has reached the maximum charge limit.

Greenlight – with electrical power source: it is time to disconnect the charger from the electricity because it is 100% charged.

Flashing amber light: If the light is amber and flashing, there is a pairing error. It may be connected incorrectly or not properly synchronized.

No light: it means that the entire battery has been used up. They need to be connected to the power source to turn them back on.