April 21, 2024
How to use your AirPods through Voice Control and Without an internet connection

One of the most criticized aspects of the new Apple AirPods is the absence of some type of physical button that allows more direct control from the wireless headset itself.

But we can control Airpods through Siri, right? Obviously, we can. It is enough to give two taps on our Apple wireless headphones, when we are wearing them, to ask Siri to perform a task without the need to take our iPhone out of our pocket. Undoubtedly a great feature on certain occasions, such as when we play sports or when we are simply walking down the street.

But this simple and novel method can be at the same time an inconvenience if we run out of coverage since then, we will not be able to talk to Siri and therefore we will not be able to control our AirPods.
However, do not get rid of your brand new helmets yet because, from iOS Mac, we are going to show you the solution to be able to enjoy all the qualities of the AirPods without using Siri and without the need for an internet connection.

Siri Replaced by Voice Control

In order to control our wireless helmets, without the need for an internet connection, and therefore, without using Siri, we must access the Voice Control accessibility option of our iPhone. With its activation, we will only have to hit our AirPods twice and use one of the preset voice commands.


To get to configure this feature of iOS we will have to follow the following:

route Settings> General> Accessibility> Start button> Voice control

With this simple trick, we will no longer depend on our internet connection to be able to enjoy our wireless helmets with total autonomy.

Of course, we must bear in mind that voice control is not an intelligent system like Siri and that there will be certain voice commands, such as the weather, that we will not be able to use when not using the internet. The list of commands is predefined and will allow us to carry out basic tasks such as “calling” or “dialing” a phone number; “Playing” or “pausing” music or knowing the current time.
If you want to check the possibilities offered by voice control when making calls or controlling music playback, visit the following links: Calls and music

We totally agree that Voice Control is not Siri and that the possibilities offered by both options are very different, but to call, skip the song or know the time without having to be connected to the internet, while we run or go on the bike, Voice Control is an excellent option.