May 24, 2024
Trombia Free, The Autonomous Robot That Already Cleans The Streets of Helsinki

Can you imagine that the sidewalks of the streets were cleaned by an autonomous robot? Here is the curious bet of Trombia Technologies.

In recent years, innovation in robotic terms has given a strong boost in multiple sectors. Investments in this area have allowed, at present, there is a greater investigation in many differentiated sectors. Autonomous robots have become one of the potential solutions to consider. Artificial intelligence is the architect of the proposals.

Improving people’s lives is one of the keys to understanding this new business model

Mobility will be affected in a very positive way since there will be a reduction in the number of accidents. Even so, are we facing a model exclusively designed for the car or vehicles intended for the transport of goods? The truth is that no. There is going to go much further.

Tromba Free is an autonomous robot capable of cleaning the sidewalk of the streets among the many proposals associated with autonomous driving, there is one that draws special attention. The cleaning of public roads could, perfectly, be carried out through this type of technology.

The best example of this is shown by Tromba Technologies. This company, of Finnish origin, has shown the public the first test of its autonomous robot.

The name of this prototype is Trombia Free. It is a unit that has different solutions that aim to replace the function of employees in cleaning tasks. It bases its differentiation on the provision of software designed to perform its function efficiently. For this, several years of special dedication have been required.

Let’s see, therefore, what are the main qualities of this technology, why it is one of the most outstanding projects in the field, and, of course, to what extent we find a proposal that could have a large market throughout the next few years. Can you imagine being able to see autonomous robots cleaning the sidewalks of your city in the medium-term future?

Tromba Free, a unique proposal in the public cleaning market

This autonomous robot is already a reality, although it should be noted that it is the first project that is in the testing phase. Carrying out various types of work will be essential to know which are the potential lines to investigate in the future. What can stand out from what has been done so far? Helsinki is witnessing the first steps of this innovation.

The Tromba Free manages to clean the streets of Helsinki completely autonomously. We are facing a robot measuring 3.52 meters long and 2.3 meters wide. The autonomous driving method that has been adopted is sensory, with LiDAR being the main instrument for moving around the streets. In this way, it is able to avoid obstacles and different types of heights, and uneven terrain.

The energy-saving of the autonomous robot is very high in relation to diesel at a dynamic level, it can circulate at a maximum of 10 km / h, although those created state that the speed must range between 2 and 6 km / h for optimal cleaning. Among its various benefits, it is striking to see how energy savings compared to other cleaning systems become more noticeable as the days go by. While its consumption is 6-10 kW, that of a diesel vehicle is 70-130 kW.

In relation to the available autonomy, special mention should be made of the provision of a maximum of 4 to 8 hours of use depending on the level of demand that is required. The main problem, however, is related to the charging power. To have the maximum battery charge capacity, the autonomous robot must be kept plugged in for a total of 17 hours.

A commercial availability that will depend on the success of the investigation

There are months of great importance for the future of this autonomous robot. It is hoped that this technology can continue to develop. However, it should be noted that this will delay your marketing for a while. The objective is to get a proposal that can have up to 10 different programs before it reaches the market. Are we facing a future solution for cleaning public roads?

As can be seen in the previous images, we are facing technology with a great capacity for improvement. Availability is being considered for the first quarter of 2022, which would already incorporate all the solutions that are being considered to be able to replace human and mechanical resources.

It is, without a doubt, one of the projects with the greatest potential in this area. Even so, it will take a while still, since Trombia Technologies must carry out multiple tests to ensure that the cleaning quality and reliability are optimal according to the expectations that have been assessed.