May 30, 2024

Can a simple umbrella be the subject of innovation? This is exactly what the ACME Umbrella company suggests.

Here are the characteristics that differentiate it from any other model.

Despite the arrival of digital solutions, full of connected technologies and many other applications of this kind, the truth is that there are still a number of products that do not require this kind of digitization. This is basically because its only function is very far from fulfilling what other products must. Why would a table or chair require digital technology?

Well, there are some of these products that, curiously, are adapting to new needs that had not been raised in the past. The last example of this shows us how demand is able to determine, on average, what new functionalities some products may have and, of course, how it is possible to add new qualities.

An umbrella as a subject of innovation after several user proposals

Did you know that they have designed an umbrella with different technologies to offer alternative solutions to its main function? A Chinese company has created a model that has several peculiarities. It is a very interesting option for technology lovers since there is no other unit that can cover more needs than the simple act of covering ourselves in the face of a downpour.

ACME Umbrella, which is what the company in question is called, has decided to add differential features, which we will break down a little further, to meet some demands of a growing number of users. This was precisely what caused the company to get down to work creating a different product than what is available up to now.

What other functions beyond what we know can have a product with these characteristics? The innovations introduced have crossed borders due, fundamentally, to the extravagance of the solutions proposed. Here are, without a doubt, the keys to understanding how an umbrella can be the object of innovation in the 21st century.

Lighting and ventilation improvements

The first thing that stands out from the proposal devised by Lu Mei, the creator of this peculiar solution, is the installation of LED-type lighting. Thanks to this easy-to-install technology, driving through dark places is much easier, being able to avoid falls on wet ground. This technology, in addition, is low consumption, which facilitates its disposal for long periods of time.

The available lighting is 2,000 mAh, which is enough to clearly see what is happening on our feet in the dark. This light is powered by a battery that is located in the handle, which can be used, on the other hand, to charge the smartphone. Even so, it hardly increases the weight of a conventional umbrella.


The umbrella of the future will include lighting and a removable battery

In addition, the equipment includes the provision of an electric motor that allows the umbrella to be opened and closed without the need for any manual movement. For this reason, it is specially designed to be a perfect option for a target audience with limited strength. Seniors or children would be the core of its potential use.

In relation to the climate, it is possible that, despite the rain, there is a thermal sensation of a lot of heat and humidity. In cases where this situation occurs, an umbrella with fans can be a technology to consider. It can also be suitable in those cases in which it is hot and you must circulate in areas without shade. Would you buy a model with these characteristics?

A product that will not be a success in all cultures

This product does not enjoy the same success in all countries. In addition to depending on the probability of rain in a specific area, the truth is that it is a device that is not equally popular in all markets. Japanese society, for example, often uses this proposal, addition, to prevent the sun’s rays from accessing the skin.

The futuristic umbrella will incorporate its own lighting

This means that adding the functions mentioned above hardly adds any added value to the product. In fact, it would hardly be taken into account when determining a potential purchase. Not to mention the price increase that incorporating this solution into the umbrella assembly will entail! It seems clear that it is not worth incorporating all that extra into a basic product.

However, the solutions proposed by companies like ACME Umbrella determine the extent to which any product can be the subject of innovation. We saw it with clothing and the integration of digital solutions and we will continue to see it with other products in which, apparently, alternative solutions cannot be accommodated. It seems clear, however, that it will not be a success in most markets.