April 21, 2024
The Best Freezers to Preserve Food

These freezers keep food for much longer. In addition, they are easy to clean and are not noisy.

Virtually all refrigerators have a specific area to freeze food, however, it does not usually stand out due to its large capacity. This is where another appliance comes into play whose sole function is to preserve meat and other food at sub-zero temperatures, and that is none other than the freezer. There are all sizes and we can find both vertical and horizontal.

If you usually buy meat and other foods that do not last for many days, a freezer is perfect to keep them as long as possible. Always talking about buying in quantity. If you usually buy to consume the same day or the next day, it is not necessary. Other very different things are ice creams and certain foods that have to be at temperatures below zero yes or yes. Below, you can see a selection of the best freezers.

INFINITION Chest Freezer

If you are looking for a freezer with enough load capacity, I recommend you take a look at this model from the INFINITION brand. We are talking about 150 liters, so you will not have any problem when it comes to storing food. Thanks to Dual System technology you can use the freezer as a fridge. As for the temperature selector, it covers a range from minus thirteen degrees to minus twenty-eight degrees for the freezer part, while the refrigerator goes from minus six degrees to nine degrees.

INFINITION CV-128X Upright Freezer

INFINITION also has upright freezers in its catalog, the CV-128X being a highly recommended one. It measures 125 centimeters in height and has a load capacity of 140 liters. When selecting the temperature, it reaches minus twenty-four degrees (freezer). Organizing food includes 5 extra large drawers. To highlight the energy classification A ++.

Severin GB 8882

If you barely have space to put a freezer, don’t worry, this Severin model may be the solution. It is mini size, having dimensions of 44.5 (height) x 50 (width) x 48 centimeters (depth). The 32-liter capacity allows you to store fish, meat, and other foods. It is worth mentioning that it has a grid to separate the food. At the noise level, it is quite silent as it does not exceed 39 dB (a).

Zanussi ZFG06400WA

Another upright freezer to consider would be the Zanussi ZFG06400WA. It has three compartments to separate food according to type. Nor could it miss a mechanical temperature control to adjust the temperature easily. This Zanussi model is 84.70 centimeters tall. The capacity amounts to 63 liters net.

ELECTRIC Chest Freezer

Finally, we will see a MILECTRIC brand freezer. This model has a mechanical temperature control system on the lower right. If you are concerned about the dimensions, say that it only measures 84 x 56 x 55 centimeters, so you will not have any problem. It is also not very noisy, rather the opposite, as it does not exceed 42 dB.