May 25, 2024
Super Nintendo world super Mario Harry Potter Universal studios

Florida must follow the same rules as California. Not only did we learn the exact date of Super Mario’s arrival in Florida, but we also learned a great deal more about the park as a whole. Universal Epic Universe, the newest theme park of Universal Orlando Resort, will include Super Nintendo World.

Five worlds out of this dimension all in one

There will be five distinct realms within the park. There’s the How to Train Your Dragon world, Super Mario World, the new Harry Potter world, and a Dark Universe world that may perhaps explain the whereabouts of all that Dark Universe movie footage. The fifth world, known as Celestial Park, connects the other four worlds. As per Universal’s blog, it functions similarly to a hub world akin to Main Street, USA.

UnivAfter Japan and LA, Florida is next!

In 2021, Super Nintendo World launched its first location in Japan. A second location debuted in Los Angeles the previous year. Both locations are meant to give the impression that you are within the Mushroom Kingdom. You may race in an augmented reality version of Mario Kart that includes a dizzying Rainbow Road, dine at the Toadstool Cafe, and enter via a warp pipe via Peach’s castle. Along with being a part of Nintendo’s more recent plans to expand its entertainment empire outside video games, Super Nintendo World Orlando is said to be the company’s largest park to date, with the other two being in California and Japan.

Harry Potter is truly a religion

Given that Hogwarts Legacy became the best-selling video game in the United States last year after selling 25 million copies and that the Harry Potter television revival is moving along rapidly, it makes sense that Universal is developing a new Harry Potter experience to complement Universal Epic Universe. Universal claims that the Ministry of Magic appears to be a theme park that combines the TV series’ Ministry of Magic with the Fantastic Beasts movie universe. Since nothing shouts magic! compared to loitering at what is practically the magical DMV.

Super Nintendo world super Mario Harry Potter

Although Universal did not provide many details about the four themed worlds, it did provide information on Celestial Park, which will be the only Universal world not built around an already-existing amusement park. Celestial Park will include three new rides in addition to the 500-room Universal Helios Grand Hotel. Orlando, Florida’s Universal Epic Universe is scheduled to open in 2025. You’ll have to take a green tube to Japan or Los Angeles if you can’t wait that long to satisfy your Mario craving.