May 25, 2024

Despite the unusual and hazardous storm activity in Southern California, the music business persevered and managed to host the 66th Grammy Awards live from Los Angeles, despite the obstacles.

Fortunately, there were a few entertaining and engaging moments that made the three and a half-hour show feel less tedious than in previous years. These times were naturally supported by a fast vehicle and a little bit of news. There were also some jaw-dropping moments, such as when Jay-Z chastised the Recording Academy, the organisation in charge of hosting the Grammy Awards.

Here are some highlights for anyone that missed the entire event, wish to relive the drama, or pulled a Meryl by arriving a bit late:

Updates from the Taylor Swift division

Just in case you missed the global Swiftie gasp, Taylor Swift’s new album is set to release in April. Oh, you were hoping for a release regarding “Reputation (Taylor’s Version)”? Adorable.

No, Swift is skilled at turning a noteworthy event into an even more noteworthy one, and she achieved just that when she won the best pop vocal album Grammy for her 13th time. Indeed, 13—her favourite number. which, in her address, she made care to mention.

“The Tortured Poets Department” caught everyone off guard, including Swift fans and Grammy watchers. And those are the most memorable moments from award shows.

Swift made history by winning album of the year, and to cap it all off, she accepted her 14th Grammy at the conclusion of the evening, as she is known to do.

Taylor Swift accepts the best pop vocal album Grammy award "Midnights."

An indelible In Memoriam section

Numerous notable personalities in the music industry passed away in what seemed like a very difficult year. A 16-minute In Memoriam portion, alternately sombre and joyous, focused on those irreversible losses.

The memorial featured performances by Jon Batiste, Fantasia Barrino, Annie Lennox (performing a classic made famous by Sinéad O’Connor), and Stevie Wonder (doing an homage to Tony Bennett).

Oprah Winfrey presented the latter, the star of “The Colour Purple,” to the audience, igniting a jubilant ovation that probably sent shivers down the spine.

Fantasia Barrino performs at The 66th Annual Grammy Awards

Miley’s fantastic evening was also remarkable for her and the Grammy Awards

On Sunday night, who was enjoying themselves more than Miley Cyrus?

She began by taking home her first-ever Grammy for best pop solo performance. Then Mariah Carey gave it to her. She then sang the energetic song “Flowers” before an audience that was occasionally difficult to win over.

Why do you act as though you’re unfamiliar with this song? Once, in the middle of the song, she chastised the crowd.

Miley, we are aware of it. But coming from you, it sounds so much better.

As if that weren’t enough, later in the evening, Cyrus won her second Grammy for record of the year.

Mariah Carey, left, presents the award for best pop solo performance to Miley Cyrus for "Flowers" during the 66th annual Grammy Awards.

Rare shows are spectacular in the Grammy Awards night

Notable performers include Billy Joel, Joni Mitchell, and Tracy Chapman, who aren’t often seen on the Grammy stage.

It was Mitchell’s first time performing at the awards ceremony at the age of 80 on Sunday. She was introduced by singer Brandi Carlile, with whom she performed sitting.

Furthermore, Chapman has only made three previous appearances as a performer on the event; the most recent one was in 1997. Together with country musician Luke Combs, whose rendition of the song revitalised it last year, Chapman sang her popular song “Fast Car.” They had never performed it together before. Naturally, Chapman performed like she usually does: sang like a storyteller narrating a narrative for the very first and very final time. What a time.

Joel, on the other hand, performed his first new pop hit in 17 years, “Turn the Lights Back On,” on stage on Sunday night. Making the most of his visit, he gave another performance after Celine Dion delivered the grand prize.

Naturally, fans were happy to see Dion make an appearance because she has been transparent about her health problems.

Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs perform at The 66th Annual Grammy Awards

After the performance, which was obviously impacted by the standing ovation, Dion gave the album of the year award.

“I return the love,” she declared to the assembly.

The heart does really never stop, just like the show.