April 24, 2024
Someone Has Turned Zuckerberg's Metaverse Avatar Into A Horrible Spider Creature

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg gave us a look at his Metaverse project, the man has been ridiculed relentlessly on social media, mostly because it looks like the cover art for a piece of Wii shovelware from 2004.

Zuckerberg said that his project is “capable of much more,” but for now all we have is his avatar’s cold dead stare that looks much better suited for a budget horror title. However, someone on Twitter has managed to make it even creepier and calling it nightmare fuel would be an understatement.

The stuff of nightmares

First shared by Brielle Garcia on their personal Twitter account, a perfect model of Zuck’s head from his metaverse project was given to the public to use however they liked. This prompted a friend of user Blue Wing Raven called Avviee to create something truly awful, placing Zuckerberg’s head onto eight legs and having him scuttle across the screen in a video. As an added detail, Avviee has also placed a Meta logo on the creature’s forehead.

The users replying to the video are just as horrified as you probably are right now, comparing the creature to The Thing, Hiruko the Goblin, and even that weird baby thing with metal legs from the first Toy Story. They’ve even named the poor little abomination, branding the creature as a Face Zucker (or a Facebook Zuckerberg if you want to refer to it by its full name).

As for how Zuckerberg’s Meta project is actually going, things could definitely be smoother. More recently, Meta’s Horizon Worlds managed to launch in Spain without Spanish language options, and even an AI chatbot created by Meta itself recently said that its “life has been much better” after deleting Facebook.

If even your creations are turning against you, it might be best to pack everything up and go home.