April 20, 2024
Sky Pool, the Pool that Allows you to Swim Lengths from One Building to Another at 35 Meters

Can you imagine being able to swim a few laps from one building to another? Here are the keys to this curious pool. Refrain people with vertigo.

In recent years we have witnessed new interpretations of what architecture can become. New trends in the sector, together with the availability of much more flexible materials, have allowed access to new designs, structures, and shapes capable of taking the imagination to a new level. Have we reached the summum or will we continue to see curious new options?

There are millions of examples that could be key in the building industry, but today we are going to focus on a very special one. More specifically, we want to show you how a pool can be installed in a space that you would never have imagined. The key to understanding this bet lies in vertigo. Would you be able to swim between 2 buildings tens of meters above the ground?


A swimming pool floating in the Air

A swimming pool 35 meters above the ground, is a project that has attracted attention. This is exactly what one of the most curious engineerings works on the market raises. The glass is floating in the air, only supported by a series of anchors located in each of the buildings. It is, therefore, a completely safe solution that has only been possible thanks to the inclusion of high-resistance materials. Its development complies, of course, with the legislation.

At about 35 meters high is the installation in question. This has been possible thanks to the work carried out by HAL Architects, one of the companies with a great tradition in the construction sector. In charge of this original and innovative project have been Arup and Eckersley O’Callaghan, 2 professionals with a great trajectory. Viability was always on the table.

Let us see, therefore, how it has been possible to carry out this spectacular work, why it is one of the most striking technologies in the sector, and, of course, to what extent we could see this type of work more frequently throughout the next few years. And you, would you dare to make a length 35 meters high seeing what happens on the surface?

A swimming pool linked by 2 buildings 35 meters high

This facility is part of the Embassy Gardens residential complex in London, a conglomerate located in the English capital. It should be noted that this technology has been carried out thanks to the intervention of Reynolds Polymer Technologies, a company that usually applies a combination of highly resistant and complex materials. Here is the proof of this unique project.

The Sky Pool is the pool that has been built between 2 buildings. The pool in question has a length of about 25 meters, but the part that is exposed between the 2 buildings adds up to a total of 18 meters. This is so for a purely technical question. Concentrating part of the total weight inside the buildings improves the resistance of the vessel to avoid any possible expiration and consequent fall of materials.

The pool glass is capable of holding a maximum of 148,000 liters of water in relation to acrylic material, it should be noted that it has a total thickness of 35 centimeters, which guarantees sufficient resistance against the passage of time and inclement weather. It is, therefore, a safe surface against any possible anomaly that may occur in the coming years. However, the reviews will be carried out periodically from time to time.

Well, what is the weight that a structure that is reinforced by steel should support? It is a proposal that will have a total of 148,000 liters that, logically, will be distributed proportionally throughout the entire glass. It is, therefore, a great work of engineering, which has had to take into account the high risks of suffering a potential collapse.

A curious proposal that is not unique in the world of architecture

In the United States, more specifically in New York, there is a work of these characteristics. It is a proposal that must comply with multiple regulations and whose main challenge is to take into account all the variables that can affect its integrity. In this sense, studies have had to be carried out to guarantee its stability against unusual gusts of wind.

This pool allows laps from one building to another. In relation to its construction, the transport of the glass to its place of installation has been a challenge. This is so because it had to be done in a single operation. For this, as can be read in the specialized portal New Atlas, permission had to be requested to remove a whole series of traffic signs and traffic lights so that it could get to the right place. Being transported to the pool in a single piece is an essential requirement to guarantee its resistance.

Well, at this point, would you dare to enjoy this adventure? It is striking how it is possible to swim from one building to another through this curious proposal. Without a doubt, we will see this type of engineering work more quickly in the coming years.