May 24, 2024
The Best Pool Purifiers for Clean Crystal Clear Water

Forget having to manually clean the pool. These purifiers will do the work for you. If you have a pool, especially a large one, it is very important to have a treatment plant to remove all the impurities that accumulate in the water. Its operation is not very mysterious. What a swimming pool purifier does is suck the water and then make it pass through a filter that retains all the dirt that accumulates. Being a closed circuit, the sucked water returns to the pool completely clean.

Installing and using a pool cleaner is very easy. To summarize, you just have to put the hoses and finally connect the power supply cable to a power outlet. As for maintenance, it is minimal. Usually, you just have to clean or change the filter. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best scrubbers that will keep your pool water cleaner.

Arebos Sewage Pump

Although it has a powerful motor (800 watts), this AREBOS brand purifier stands out for being quite efficient and silent. It includes a filter that must be cleaned from time to time. For the rest, it does not need any further maintenance. For greater durability, it has protection against splashes (IPX4). If you ask about the pumping capacity, it is 15,000 liters per hour. Finally, say that at the top it has a transparent cover that allows access to the filter without using tools.

Intex 26646 – Water treatment plant

We move on to a model whose maximum flow amounts to 7,900 liters per hour. If you want to keep the pool water in the best condition, then it is an option to consider. For starters, it has the Hydro Aeration Technology system, and this translates into higher water purity. To have everything under control we find a digital panel with a 24-hour programming function, so you can program the on and off. Along with the treatment plant are 2 tubes of 38 millimeters in diameter.

Monzana Sand Filter System

With a more industrial design, the Monzana treatment plant stands out for having a 30-liter tank (up to 27 kg of sand). The motor is rated at 450 watts and the pump delivers up to 10,200 liters of water per hour. It is worth mentioning that it has a valve with four mounting ways: backwash, rinse, pool filter, and winter mode. On the other hand, mention that it comes with a pressure gauge to indicate the pressure.

Tillvex Pool Treatment Plant

By having a metal casing and IPX5 protection, this purifier withstands the passage of time and splashes of water quite well. Its filtering capacity is 10,200 liters per hour, so in this sense, it is not bad at all, as long as the pool is not very large. Otherwise, his would be to look for a model whose flow is greater. The valve has five ways: backwash, rinse, filtration, and closed. As for the hoses, it supports 32/38 millimeters in diameter.