May 24, 2024
Rivian R1T, this will be your portable kitchen that can be chosen as an option

Can you imagine being able to go on an excursion and carry a portable kitchen attached to it in your car? This is just what Rivian will offer through its R1T model. For some time now, the electric car has been consolidating its position in the market. In addition, this process has taken place by attending to multiple needs, since we can find this technology in different segments present in the industry. However, it is striking to see how some types of bodywork have managed to adapt to the new times in the automotive industry.

Among the options present today, the trucks, also called pickups, can be seen as a clear reflection of the change that is taking place. This is due, in part, to the flexibility offered by the chassis of these vehicles when it comes to installing battery packs. As there is more space, it is possible to integrate cells with a larger size.

Functional  and Portable

Rivian will offer a fully functional portable kitchen in the R1T model
Following this process, several projects have appeared that are important to consider. Among them, it is worth highlighting the one being carried out by Rivian, a new company that will launch, in the increasingly near future, the R1T. It is a purely electric truck that arrives, above all, to make it very difficult for the classic internal combustion variants.

Among the differentiating aspects of this proposal, there is an option that attracts attention above all else. It will be possible to incorporate a high-quality portable kitchen. Yes, this is one of the benefits that electrical mechanics offer. Its compatibility with electrical appliances or refrigeration systems is, simply, total. Without a doubt, the best example of this is this.

Let us see, therefore, what Rivian will offer the user through this curious technology, how it has been possible to install this type of option, very difficult to implement in a vehicle with a configuration based on internal combustion engines and, of course, what will be the main characteristics of this kitchen. Are we facing a very complete or somewhat limited option?

Rivian and The Most Outstanding Qualities of The Portable kitchen

To what extent are we facing a practical solution? The truth is that it includes a whole series of accessories. However, the differential sign that can be observed in its equipment is the presence of an induction hob with a total of 2 burners. In this way, you can combine the preparation of 2 dishes or simply provision of greater flexibility.

Rivian’s first model, the R1T, will have a curious portable kitchen among its equipment. Muscle Car and trucks
As can be seen in the previous image, the hollow space between the rear seats and the cargo compartment has been used for the installation of this curious option. At the end of the day, it is quite a declaration of intent, since we are not dealing with an exclusively work vehicle. As you can see, the leisure component is part of the equation to understand the R1T.

The Camp Kitchen solution incorporates a team made up of more than 30 pieces
This alternative, better known as Camp Kitchen, shows to what extent it allows the electrical product to fit the user’s needs. Along with the furniture-based equipment, this equipment package will also incorporate a 30-piece set for use in the kitchen. These include the provision of a coffee pot, a coffee grinder, and serving plates made of titanium.

In addition, as can be read on InsideEV’s specialized portal, this particular model will have a water tank to be used in the sink. Yes, it also has its own sink to clean all the kitchen utensils. Doesn’t it seem like a very complete pack? It is an option that, logically, was not going to have a low price.

A technology designed, above all, for a very specific audience

Apparently, despite the fact that this curious solution may be the center of all eyes, the truth is that only 7% of the reservations made so far include this option among the equipment. Where can the cause of this low prominence lie? The key to finding out is, as you might expect, the price. Its cost to the public is $ 5,000.

Due to the current technology in relation to the connection to the current through an electric vehicle, the truth is that this solution can be replaced by an additional cheaper alternative. After all, Rivian’s own R1T model has a series of plugs to be able to charge any type of object. Why would the Camp Kitchen have a differential value?

We will have to wait to see if this option continues to have this null success or if, on the contrary, the commercialization of this package makes more sense. The greater weight that it exerts on the vehicle as a whole could have been another of the handicaps of the technology developed by the manufacturer.