June 16, 2024
InnoMake Shoes, The Solution That Will Allow Blind People to Overcome Obstacles

What are the qualities that a shoe created for the blind should have? Here are the qualities of the InnoMake solution.

Among the many solutions that connected technology has offered in recent years, one of the facets that have attracted the most attention is directly related to overcoming obstacles for people with disabilities. Artificial intelligence has made it possible to offer multiple innovations with the aim of making life easier for people affected by a disability.

Continuous learning, at the same time, has managed to create products with a great capacity for reliability, as well as products with a high rate of success and differentiation from other more conventional ones. The best example of this is shown by the analysis of conventional images through cameras capable of determining what is happening at all times.

InnoMake shoes will mark a before and after for people with blindness

InnoMake shoes are one of the solutions that are getting all the attention. It is a type of footwear that has several technologies that allow blind people to avoid obstacles. This is a product that has incorporated new solutions to improve its qualities as the system incorporates more information.

This is undoubtedly one of its main qualities since it manages to offer a technology that adapts to the new times, thus improving the level of reliability. Now, can a product of these characteristics be a reference in the medium and long term? One of its keys lies, mainly, in the new incorporation of cameras with its own artificial intelligence system.

Let us see, therefore, what are the characteristics that make these shoes something much more than simple footwear, to what extent we are facing a differential technology in terms of a product idea, and, of course, why it can reach have a great commercial journey over the next few years. Are we facing the definitive solution to guide people with blindness?

Cameras with artificial intelligence and proximity sensors

This technology draws attention, mainly, due to the provision of various solutions of great interest. On the one hand, it is worth highlighting the presence of a camera with functions that have started from continuous learning to offer highly accurate information. Avoiding obstacles is your main objective.

blind people

InnoMake shoes offer highly relevant data to the blind public.  Apparently, the ultrasound system is even more effective. At the end of the day, it is the technology that has been implemented for the longest time in this type of footwear. In this particular case, it is able to detect any obstacle located about 4 meters away.

Furthermore, the user who wears these shoes can, without a doubt, know what is around thanks to said information provided.

This device attached to the footwear is produced shockproof to understand the production of this type of footwear, it is important to note that it has emerged from the collaboration between the Graz University of Technology and the Austrian startup Tec-Innovation.

It is an association that seeks, above all, to make life easier for people with visual disabilities. It is also a very versatile project, which can be used easily.

In fact, the system can be installed in any type of shoe, something that facilitates its potential commercialization. It is enough to join the type of footwear with this proposal by means of a clamp system. This achieves a strong and, above all, long-lasting fixation. Thanks to the disposition of a suffered material, there will be no problems if a fortuitous impact occurs.

Availability and Price For a Solution of These Characteristics

It is important to bear in mind that it is a technology that is still under development. Yes, it is about to be certified for sale, but it cannot be legally traded yet. Still, can you buy a product that meets most of the features? The truth is that yes. The conventional variant is already on sale.

This does not count the camera, which is the main novelty of the latest version. If you want to get a unit, you should know that you will have to pay a total of 3,200 euros. For this price, a total of 2 units can be purchased, which include the corresponding handle to the shoe. It is, therefore, a very interesting option due to the security it transmits.

We will have to wait a while, however, to enjoy the solution that incorporates, and yes, the corresponding camera. This model is expected to be available to the public in the coming months. Meanwhile, we will have to wait to see what other proposals are on the market for blind people