April 25, 2024
HydroFlyer, The Surfboard With Handlebars That Thinks it is a Jet Ski

Credit: HydroFlyer™ The Most Advanced Personal Watercraft.

Would you buy a surfboard with an electric motor and handlebars included? Here is a proposal that will not leave you indifferent.

For many years, water activities have had a special relevance in the summer season. At the end of the day, we can find multiple sports that can be practiced in open waters, lakes, or simply swimming pools. On this occasion, we are going to focus on those that are enjoyed, mainly, on the coast. Why can we say that not everything is invented?

The classic jet ski is one of the preferred alternatives of many people who are staunch to the sea. However, there are many other proposals to explore. Among them, there is one that could have a special role in the coming years. The key is to see what are the main qualities of the HydroFlyer product. Is it a technology with the capacity for success?

This electric surfboard offers greater comfort and ride comfort it is, roughly, a kind of surfboard that incorporates a handlebar to control the means of transport. Its differentiation lies, mainly, in the height with respect to the surface of the water. This is due to the provision of an electric motor that is responsible for rotating propellers to achieve displacement. It is, therefore, a very interesting option.

Control and stability

The main qualities of this technology. This particular model adds a number of technologies to make the learning curve much easier. In this way, just a few minutes will be enough to control the base of the movement. The objective is clear, to be able to take advantage of this recreational means of transport without hardly spending hours trying.

Let us see, therefore, how the HydroFlyer model manages to be a benchmark in a sector that is constantly growing, why it is a very interesting option to value for the coming years, and, of course, what are the hallmarks that distinguish themselves from the competition. Would you buy a unit knowing that it takes little effort to learn it? Here are the keys.

A surfboard with a jet ski complex for the summer

We are facing a very serious technology. So much so that its top speed is electronically limited to 56 km / h. However, it will be enough to exceed 7 km / h so that, automatically, it rises a few centimeters, causing a feeling of flight to the user who drives this kind of surfboard. That said, is a product with these characteristics worth it?

As can be seen in the previous images, it is a real attraction that offers sensations not appreciable in any other similar project. The key to achieving these feelings lies precisely in the elevation that occurs. As there is less contact with the water surface, it is possible to adopt higher speeds.

The body of the structure is made of carbon fiber to reduce weight in addition, it has a body that is made of carbon fiber, making the board a very hard structure and, above all, light. Even so, its differentiation from other substitute proposals is especially related to the charging of the lithium-ion battery pack that it incorporates. According to what can be read in the specialized portal New Atlas it takes 2 hours to charge.

In relation to power control, a wireless system has been used. The user only has to tilt the handlebar forwards or backward to determine the speed at which he wants to circulate. Beyond that, the curves are made by means of a body balancing system, which shows how easy it is to handle.

A product not suitable for all pockets

It should be noted, first of all, that we are facing a project with a serious limitation –  the price. Each of the units has a cost to the public of about $ 14,000. This, to begin with, limits the target audience.

The HydroFlyer model incorporates solutions to improve your comfort and safety. Is it designed for the public in particular or is it preferable to acquire it from companies specialized in aquatic activities? This is, perhaps, the line of business that could make the most sense considering its main characteristics. After all, it is an innovative product, but it has a number of disadvantages.