May 30, 2024
Using Google Lens to Solve Arithmetic Problems

Google Lens, is a tool to learn to solve mathematical problems and see the step-by-step. The mathematical operations are present everywhere. Daily life is full of calculations that must be solved immediately, but what happens when numbers are not your strong suit?

Mathematics is fundamental in many processes, but we know that not everyone has skills in this regard. If you are one of these people, you should know that there are many applications that you can download to your mobile.

Google Lens: one of the best tools for solving math problems
Within all these apps is Google Lens, and before talking about how you can use it to solve mathematical problems we want to give you a brief review of this super useful tool.

As the name implies, this application was announced and created by Google in the year 2017. It is one of the most advanced intelligent tools of today, as it is specifically responsible for analyzing and recognizing mobile phone images in real-time.

Google Lens is one of the best tools to solve math problems

Google Lens, is one of the best tools to solve math problems the operation of Google Lens is simple and, in turn, also complex. The first thing you should know is that it can be installed on both Android and iOS, and you will only need your phone’s camera in optimal condition to make use of this tool’s features once you have it downloaded, you just have to open it and point it to the object or text in question. Right at that moment, Machine Learning will come into action and begin to analyze what the camera is capturing.

After doing its respective study, Google Lens will show its results. But it is not about just any result, but about those that are in accordance with the captured image. In addition, the results are added to some actions that you can also perform with the help of other applications on your phone.

In this way, Google Lens shows that it is one of the most useful tools to decipher the information in an image, and also to solve math problems when it is the case.

Yes, we are not exaggerating; This application is able to help students and teachers even to solve mathematical problems very easily.

Solve your math problems with Google Lens step by step

Next, we will tell you how to use Google Lens for this purpose.

Google Lens

Start in Google Lens

The first thing you should do is open Google from your iPhone or your Android and select the Google Lens icon that is right on the right side of the search bar. The camera will immediately open with the application interface. Start in Google LensSo you can solve your math problems by starting in Google Lens

Look for the Tasks option

Once you are there you will have to select the “Homework” or “Tasks” button found at the bottom of the interface, in the options that the tool shows.

Look for the Tasks option and locate the option “Task” that appears with a graduation cap icon. Address the problem with your mobile camera after selecting that button, Google Lens will understand that you are looking for the solution to a task. The next thing you should do is point the camera of your phone at the mathematical problem in question, trying, of course, that the operation is within the shutter frame.

Focus on the problem with your mobile camera and take a snapshot of the problem so that the system starts looking for a solution.

Start looking for a solution
When you’ve focused your phone’s camera on the problem, you can select the shutter. After this, Google Lens will show you the result of the operation at the bottom of the interface. In case you want to know what was the process that the application executed to reach the resolution.

Start looking for a solution system that will show the possible solution to the mathematical problem with its step-by-step procedure. Solve more than one math problem

If you have more than one problem in the same image captured by Google Lens, no problem. To select another operation you will simply have to select the icon identified as “T” at the top of the result.

Solve more than one math problem the tool is so functional that it solves more than one problem at the same time after doing so, you will be able to mark the next problem you want to solve. In this way, Google Lens will carry out the same process that it did to obtain the first solution.

Compare and discuss the results

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is possible to connect with other applications from Google Lens. When it comes to mathematical problems, if you do not agree with the result shown, you can select another tool to consult other solutions.

Compare and discuss the results you can search for other solutions on the web to compare
In addition, Google Lens allows you to contrast the results so that you can solve your doubts about it. As you will see, this tool from the technological giant Google is one of the most useful not only to learn more information about certain images but also to help students and teachers in the area.

With this little tutorial, we are sure that mathematical operations will no longer be a problem for you.