May 30, 2024
How to End a Task in Windows 10

This is the ultimate trick to close a task in Windows 10 with the task manager. Follow it step by step it has happened to every Windows user at some point in their life that a tool or system application has suddenly stopped working, making it impossible to use it. Fortunately, Microsoft always took these types of flaws into account and has come up with a solution.

It is about forcibly closing the applications or tools you want with the task manager. If you do not know how to do it, do not worry, in this article, we will show you how to end or close a task in Windows 10 with the administrator, in an easy and fast way. Join us!

So You Can End a Task in Windows 10 From The Administrator

To carry out this task it will not be necessary to be an expert in programming or computing since by following each of the steps you will be able to completely finish an application or tool without any problem. It should be noted that this type of forced closure does not affect the operation of the operating system, so if you feel suspicious, be careful.

This is how you should close a task in Windows 10 from the administrator and, of course, keep in mind that if this error is recurrent it is a clear alert that the computer is not working well and you may have to contact a trusted technician or look at some audiovisual material to learn how to solve the problem.

Open The task Manager to End an Application in Windows 10

There are two ways to quickly open the task manager. Follow these instructions for the first one:

  • Ctrl + Alt + Del are the keys to use.
  • It will show a screen with certain options, click on “Task Manager“.

The second option is much faster:

  • Right-click on any available space on the Windows taskbar.
  • Then, from the drop-down menu, choose “Task Manager.”
  • Shortly after performing the action, you will automatically see the powerful “Task Manager”.

The Simple Model of The task Manager

By default Windows 10 shows the task manager in its “simple” version, clearly, it is just as efficient. Follow these steps.

  • Applications open in the operating system will be displayed on the administrator screen.
  • Click on the application you want to close and to finish click on the option “End task”


If for some reason the application you want to end does not appear in the list, it is necessary to use the more detailed

task manager, for this you must click on the “More Details” option

  • Below, you can see a giant list of all the programs and processes that are running on the system, locate and click on the application you want to close.
  • To finish, after having selected the app or tool, click on the option “End task”
    end tasks in windows 10Giant list of all operating system programs and processes.

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