May 30, 2024
Everything You Need to Know About Life360

In a world increasingly convulsed by the rhythm of life we lead, the cell phone has become an inalienable necessity.

However, paradoxically, it has also become a headache. Although we are more connected today, at times we have the feeling that this is not the case and we panic.

We refer, for example, to when parents cannot locate their children. Or your partner does not answer your messages.

Life360: A Family Locator App

In view of these particular needs that have arisen within families, many developers have proposed the creation of apps that can make more effective use of the GPS of smartphones and thus keep all members of a family connected.

Among those popular apps today, we have Life360. Do you want to know what this popular app has to offer you? Keep reading and don’t miss a single detail.

Life360 is an app that works as a family locator. Thanks to GPS technology, with this app you will enjoy an accurate location and tracking service for registered devices.

With Life360 you can create a space for your family to always be connected, as well as guarantee the safety and protection of its members thanks to the smart functions offered by this exceptional application.

It’s important to remember that this app’s service is only free for a limited number of functions; however, there are subscription plans available that provide many more benefits.

Life360 brings your family closer with smart features

With Life360 you can instantly receive automatic notifications when family members who are connected through it go to school, work, return home, deviate from their usual route, and much more.

Life360 is available for free download on both Android and iOS devices. Its users rate it with a score that exceeds 4.5 stars. It has already received over 50 million downloads.

On Android devices, the system requirements for its installation are to have an Android 6.0 operating system or later versions and to have enough internal storage capacity, since the app weighs more than 30 MB. Its last update was on July 1, 2019.

It is good that you keep in mind that the service of this app is only free for very limited functions; however, it has paid plans that offer you many more advantages.