June 17, 2024
All YouTube Apps and What Each One Offers

Find out what all the YouTube apps are and what each one does.

Surely you already know what you can find on Youtube, but the service is so great that there are multiple applications to navigate its entire ecosystem. Each of them allows you to explore various parts of the platform in different ways, but do you know all of them? Well, in this article we present the five YouTube applications and what each one can do.


This is the basic YouTube experience, and surely the application with which you are most familiar. Here you can watch videos of practically anything, create your own channel, manage your subscriptions, comment, create playlists, watch live broadcasts, and interact with YouTube Originals content. That also includes subscriptions, comments, and a recommendation section based on your tastes.

YouTube Premium, on the other hand, is an optional subscription for 11.99 euros per month that allows you to enjoy the content of YouTube Originals, eliminates advertising, plays in the background, and much more. It also gives you a subscription to YouTube Music and Google Play Music with which you get one of the best music and video streaming combinations available anywhere. It also features YouTube Go, a reduced version of the platform with less data usage, launched in developing countries.

Youtube Music

YouTube Music is the platform’s official music streaming service. It used to be a spin-off app that removed most YouTube videos and only displayed music material, and while it still does, it also offers the same kind of music streaming experience that you can find on Spotify, Google Play Music, or Apple Music.

The music quality could be better and the user interface is a bit basic, however, we hope things will improve over time. But most importantly, you can listen to music, watch music videos, including both in playlists, manage your lists and discover new things, all in one place.

YouTube Kids

This app removes most of the things that can be seen on YouTube and show only the content that is suitable for children. It offers you the ability to create multiple profiles for multiple children, channel blocking, video reports faster than the normal YouTube app, and many other parental control options.

Most of the videos are educational, which is excellent for the little ones in the house to learn. During its inception, the app had some problems with some bad publicity, but fortunately, now the service is quite clean. If you want to remove the ads and add more YouTube Kids features, you can use YouTube Red.

YouTube Studio

This is an application designed for content creators on YouTube. It allows you to upload your videos, fill in all the information and manage your channel in various ways. You also receive statistics, comment filtering, monetization options, thumbnail uploads, and the ability to control your channel’s playlists.
Another of its characteristics is the possibility of having frequent updates, and its operation is as real, as the application itself advertises. However, you won’t need this app unless you’re constantly uploading videos.

YouTube TV

This is the latest wonder of the platform. It is the live TV application developed by YouTube, with which you get access to a large number of cable television channels in real-time, and includes exclusive content from YouTube Originals.

It has most of the most popular cable channels and some additional add-ons like HBO for an additional fee. The user interface is great, unlimited cloud storage is a real boon, and the ability to have multiple profiles per account makes it a great option for families. It can be used on three simultaneous screens at the same time and each profile has its own DVR, recommendations, and home page.

It is important for you to know that for the purposes of this list, we have left out the YouTube VR and YouTube apps for Google TV because the company of big G has abandoned Daydream. We haven’t mentioned YouTube Gaming either, as it closed in May 2019.