May 24, 2024
7 Tips for Choosing Tempered Glass

In a cellphone, the screen is one of the important components that must be considered for its condition. Made of glass makes it is susceptible to dust, dirt, and scratches and can also crack if dropped frequently accidentally. Although in some models the screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass to prevent scratches, no cellphone is really resistant to breaking the screen if dropped, especially with the glass position at the bottom.

The solution is to add extra protection in the form of tempered glass to protect your cellphone’s glass screen so it doesn’t break easily. Tempered Glass is one of the additional accessories that can protect the cellphone’s glass screen well. His strength is unquestionable; Resistant to scratches, impact, and pressure.

If your cellphone doesn’t have a protector, here are some tips that you can do when choosing tempered glass so that the protection of your cellphone’s glass screen can be maximized.

1. Know the Types of Tempered Glass Available

If you are a layman, you will certainly assume that all tempered glass is the same. It’s actually not. Tempered glass has many types. Starting from liquid, PET, to TPU. Find out everything so that you know the type of tempered glass that is right for your cellphone needs.

2. Consider the Advantages of Each Tempered Glass

In addition to protecting your cellphone’s glass screen from impacts, scratches, and pressure, tempered glass has other functions. For example, tempered glass anti-spy, anti-blue light, shockproof, and others. It’s okay for you to choose tempered glass that has these functions. However, prioritize its main function, namely as a screen protector for your cellphone.

For information, tempered glass anti-spy was a tempered glass that is suitably used by you who travel frequently or a lot of silence in public places. As the name implies, this tempered glass is equipped with anti-spy technology. So, other people can’t see what you’re looking at on the cellphone screen.

Now, tempered glass is anti-blue light, it is a tempered glass that is suitable for those of you who often use and look at cell phones. As the name implies, this tempered glass will protect you from the bad effects of blue light coming out of your cell phone. So your eyes are protected from fatigue which can result in various eye health problems.

Then tempered glass is shock-proof, it is tempered glass that has the power to protect your cellphone’s glass screen from impact. This tempered glass has more protection than other types of tempered glass. Including toughness. Well if you really need tempered glass that can protect your cellphone well, this type of tempered glass is the most suitable.

3. Check the Hardness of Tempered Glass

This is the first step you must do. Check the hardness level on the screen. Choose a tempered glass that uses 8H or 9H materials. This is because these materials are very resistant to scratches other than objects made of aluminum.

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4. Check the thickness

of the tempered glass. The second step is to check the thickness of the tempered glass. Keep in mind that the thickness of this tempered glass greatly affects the appearance of the cellphone and its comfort. Tempered glass with a thickness of 0.2mm – 0.4mm is usually a standard size that is capable of transmitting light while being tough and durable under normal use.

5. Check the Size Compatibility with Your Hp Screen

The next thing is to check the suitability of the selected tempered glass size with your cellphone screen size. If it doesn’t fit then the tempered glass can’t protect the screen optimally In addition, the screen becomes less responsive if

6. Check the Tempered Glass Sensitivity Level

This is also important to know. Not all tempered glass has the same sensitivity. Don’t be fooled by the lower price. It could be, that this tempered glass actually makes your cellphone screen even less sensitive than before.

Those are tips for choosing tempered glass for maximum protection against your cellphone’s glass screen. Make sure you buy the best one that suits your needs.