May 25, 2024
Cheapest Flights

Finding the best travel deals is no longer a daunting task these days, especially in light of the huge number of sites that offer allows a comparison between different travel options, detailing the conditions of flights for each company airline.
Nevertheless, it is still useful to know some facts, which, although they may seem absent to some, allow you to
Get the best flights, whether in terms of prices or services provided.

Booking The Flight Early

The first piece of advice in this regard is not to accept the fact that booking the flight early will only guarantee the lowest prices. This does not mean excluding the idea that airlines actually resort to reducing the price of flights when booking them in advance, which guarantees them many operational advantages, at least in terms of the economic feasibility of certain flights, as early booking contributes to indicating the extent of demand for the flight or not. . More important than booking early is to keep abreast of the prices available on travel websites and with airlines.


Airlines frequently advertise attractive discounts on their flights. This is not limited to early booking dates, but the company may announce discounts a few days before the flight. But let’s not forget here that there is a risk in waiting until the date of the flight approaches, as the company is likely to witness a large turnout and therefore does not find any available reservations. That is why it is recommended, especially if you travel frequently and do not find flexibility in changing the flight date, that the booking date should not be delayed two or three weeks from the official date of the flight.

To Book Online

Another mistake some travelers make is to watch for vacant seats on a particular flight and then prefer not to book online or by calling the company and instead go straight to the airport thinking they will find tickets at very low prices. The truth is that the airline will not necessarily despair of having vacant seats on the flight and may resort to burning prices in the last minutes because there are other considerations, including the demands of passengers who booked high prices. But again, this is not to say that this method is a complete failure and sometimes achieves good results, but provided that your schedule is flexible so that you do not have problems if you head to the airport and discover that the company that organizes your target flight will not issue tickets at the last minute.

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Trusted Flight Booking Sites

The third tip is to deal with trusted flight booking sites in searching for the flights you need. It is no secret to say that some of these sites may raise the price when they discover through cookies that a particular user has repeatedly searched for a particular flight. That is why it will be important to deal with trusted sites that pass on the prices you receive from airlines and travel agents and do not allow cookies to affect the displayed prices.

Holiday Seasons

There is another established fact for some, and it is generally true, that getting cheap tickets requires staying away from holiday seasons and seasonal vacations.  This is totally true but let us tell you that you can also book these days and get reasonable rates. For example, flights that leave very early or very late are usually not preferred by many.

There is also the opportunity to get tickets at good prices but in business class. The increase in ticket prices during the holiday season is generally true, but this rise is more evident when booking economy classes. If you look closely, you will discover that you can book business or premium classes at reasonable prices during holidays and holidays because the demand for this type of seat peaks during periods of business activity such as conferences or shopping seasons, or the end of the year nearing the end of the year Fiscal year and financial reporting.