May 24, 2024
The Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for WhatsApp Desktop

Become an expert using WhatsApp Desktop and surprise everyone with your dexterity behind the keyboard.WhatsApp is the most used free messaging application in the world and allows you to send text messages or with multimedia files, as well as make voice and video calls, through an Internet connection. But the app owned by Facebook also offers a very complete desktop version.

This is very convenient since by using this version it will not be necessary to waste time taking your smartphone to answer your messages, you can do everything from the comfort of your computer. That is why to simplify things, even more, we have prepared for you a list of the best keyboard shortcuts for WhatsApp Desktop. So you can’t miss it.

What is WhatsApp Desktop?

Since its appearance, WhatsApp has not tired of innovating and offering more and better solutions to its users, and WhatsApp Desktop is an example of this. The desktop version of the popular messaging service is an extension of your smartphone, which reflects all the conversations and messages you have in the mobile application. In turn, they allow you to see and respond to everything on your PC or Mac using your computer keyboard instead of your phone.

In other words, you can see everything that is happening in your WhatsApp app while working on a Word document or replying to an email, without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket. In addition, WhatsApp Desktop offers you the same functions as its version for mobile devices, so you will not have any problem communicating.

What are the most useful keyboard shortcuts for WhatsApp Desktop

If you are one of those who cannot stay away from WhatsApp even while working or even if your work depends on the application, this will be of great help. By following these simple commands you can save time and be faster and more efficient when replying to your messages on your computer.

Keyboard shortcut Action:

Ctrl + N New conversation
Ctrl + Shift + N Create a new group chat
Shift + Tab Emoji button
Ctrl + F Look for
Ctrl + Shift + [ Go to the previous chat
Ctrl + Shift +] Go to the next chat
Ctrl + E Archive chat
Ctrl + Shift + M Mute chat
Ctrl + P Open your profile
Ctrl + = Increase the font size
Ctrl + – Decrease the font size
Ctrl + 0 Default font size
*Text* Bold text
_Text_ Italic text
~ Text ~ Crossed text
:Text Find text-related emojis
Ctrl + A Highlight a message
Ctrl + C Copy to clipboard
Ctrl + V Paste from clipboard
Esc Cancel action
Alt + F4 Close WhatsApp
If you use these shortcuts frequently, you will make your life easier and you can become an expert on the desktop version of WhatsApp.

If you prefer, you can also make voice and video calls with WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp Desktop continues to evolve and now, you can even make voice and video calls from the desktop app, using the microphone and webcam on your computer or laptop. So if you are looking for a messaging application that works perfectly on your computer and mobile devices, WhatsApp is definitely for you.

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