May 30, 2024

During the Snap Partner Summit 2023, Snapchat revealed that their AI-powered chatbot ‘My AI’ will now be accessible for free to all users worldwide.

The chatbot, which uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, was initially launched in February but was limited to Snapchat+ subscribers who paid $3.99/month. ‘My AI’ can respond to users’ questions with messages and even generate fully AI-generated images.

Snap Inc. has disclosed that Snapchat+ subscribers have been using ‘My AI’ and sending almost 2 million chat messages every day to learn about various topics such as sports, movies, pets, and the world around them. The company also shared that with advancements in machine learning, they have been exploring innovative ways of creating augmented reality (AR) experiences that look more realistic and can unleash creative possibilities for their users.

Snapchat has now rolled out new features for ‘My AI’. Users can customize their chatbot by choosing a name and a custom Bitmoji. Moreover, users can bring ‘My AI’ into group chats by simply mentioning it with an @ symbol and asking a question. When ‘My AI’ enters a chat, a sparkle next to its name informs everyone in the group about its arrival.

‘My AI’ is integrated with other features of Snapchat, allowing it to suggest relevant Lenses and recommendations taken from the Snap Map. For instance, users can ask the chatbot for weekend activities or Lens recommendations to wish someone a happy birthday. Furthermore, Snapchat users can send Snaps to ‘My AI’ and receive chat replies. Soon, Snapchat subscribers will be able to Snap ‘My AI’ and receive a generative Snap in response.

While AI chatbots have gained popularity, there have been concerns about their accuracy and potential harmful responses. Snapchat acknowledges that ‘My AI’ is not perfect but claims to have made significant progress.  The company states that 99.5% of the chatbot’s responses adhere to Snapchat’s community guidelines.

The instant messaging platform has made significant improvements to ‘My AI’, such as programming it to follow community guidelines to prevent inappropriate or harmful responses. The platform has also introduced a new age signal using a Snapchatter’s birthdate to ensure that the chatbot considers their age while responding. Moreover, additional moderation technology has been implemented to evaluate potentially harmful content and temporarily restrict access to ‘My AI’ for users who misuse the service.

Snapchat is also preparing to incorporate ‘My AI’ into its in-app parental tools, Family Center, to allow caregivers to monitor their teens’ use of the chatbot. The company plans to use its early learnings to create a safer, more enjoyable, and more useful experience for its users.

Final Words

Snapchat has made its AI-powered chatbot ‘My AI’ available to all users globally for free within the app. The chatbot is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology and can reply to users’ queries with messages and fully AI-generated images. The chatbot is now equipped with new features, including a custom Bitmoji and the ability to suggest relevant Lenses and recommendations from the Snap Map.

Users can bring the chatbot into their group chats, send Snaps to it and receive chat replies. Snapchat has also introduced measures to ensure the chatbot adheres to community guidelines, takes users’ age into consideration, and restricts access for users who misuse the service. The company plans to incorporate ‘My AI’ into its in-app parental tools, Family Center, to allow caregivers to monitor their teens’ use of the chatbot.