April 24, 2024
Google's The Pixel 7a

Image source: Ramane Business

Recently, photos of the Pixel 7a have surfaced, showing actual pictures of the device instead of just renders as we have seen previously.  These images showcase the Carbon and Arctic Blue color options of the phone, as well as their respective packaging.

While not much else is included with these new images, it’s not really necessary as we already have a good amount of information about the smartphone. Though an official release date has not been disclosed, it’s been speculated that the Pixel 7a will be unveiled during Google I/O 2023, which is set to take place on May 10th.

It’s been reported that Google won’t start selling the Pixel 7a until May 10, which is the same day as its official unveiling at I/O 2023. However, a reseller in Tanzania is claiming to have obtained retail versions of the mid-range smartphone in two out of the four rumored color options – Arctic Blue and Carbon Grey. Coral and Cotton White are also believed to be color options, but Coral may only be available through the Google Store.

According to the reseller, they acquired at least one unit of the Pixel 7a about a month ago and posted the second unit on Facebook Marketplace last week. Although the photos don’t reveal any device details, they do give us a first look at the new Arctic Blue colorway. Interestingly, the camera bar has a more muted blue tint than what official images have shown, and it appears so subdued that some people have mistaken it for grey.

Source: Ramane Business
Source: Ramane Business


Despite this, the Pixel 7a seems to blur the lines between Google’s flagship and Pixel A-Series. It features a 90 Hz OLED display, Tensor G2 chipset, and wireless charging support, making it difficult to distinguish from the Pixel 7.

While the camera performance is expected to be inferior to the Pixel 7, the new 64 MP primary camera (Sony IMX787) should help bridge the gap between the IMX363 in the Pixel 6a and the ISOCELL GN1 in the Pixel 7.