December 9, 2023
How to Record Screen on Android 11

All phones with Android 11 include the screen recording function, we show you how to do it, it is easier than you think.

Nowadays there are several brands of Android phones that allow you to record the screen because they already have that function integrated into the system, but there are still more cell phone models that do not have that function per se and to be able to record the screen you need to download an app from the Play Store that allows us to perform that function.

However, mobiles that have Android 11 have this built-in function no matter who the manufacturer is since the screen recording function comes by default with the operating system.

We had already told you how to record your computer screen. Today we are going to show you step-by-step how to record the screen on Android 11 without installing an extra application.

How to Record Screen on Android 11

All mobile phones with the Android system have a quick access menu to the most used applications, to be able to see if it is necessary to rest the finger at the top of the screen and then slide down so that you can see the icons of the apps that they are anchored in that sector.

Once you have swiped and you have the shortcuts in view, you should look for the screen recorder icon.

Open the shortcut menu and look for the screen recorder icon.
After clicking on the screen recorder button, Android 11 will show you the following warning message: “While recording, the Android system can capture sensitive information that is displayed or played on your devices, such as passwords, payment details, photos, messages, and audio. ” and it will ask you to grant the permission to record audio and to show touches on the screen.

You can then select whether you want to record the audio of what is being played on the screen, the audio from the microphone (your voice, the voice of someone else speaking, or the sounds of the environment), or both.

without extra apps android, 11 will show you the warning message and ask for permission to record audio and touches the screen.
Once all these parameters have been outlined, you only have to press the Start button. After clicking on “Start”, a countdown will be displayed on the screen, which at the end will record everything that is seen on the mobile screen during the time you are using the screen recorder.

During the duration of the recording, you will see a red icon on the screen that means that the recording is in progress. To stop the screen recorder, you must open the notification panel, there you will find a notification that allows you to stop the recording.

without additional appsThe red indicator shows that recording is in progress.

If you Don’t See The Record Button on Android 11

It may be that the button is not in the shortcuts, so you will have to edit the menu to be able to place the icon there.

To edit the quick settings menu you must slide down to open it and then touch the pencil icon to edit. This icon may change depending on the mobile you use.

When you click on the edit icon, you will see access to all the applications, there you must look for the screen recorder icon and enable it so that it remains in the quick access menu.

By pressing the pencil icon you can edit the shortcut menu to add the screen recorder icon.
If you use mobile with an older version of Android
We had already told you at the beginning that some manufacturers have included this function in their mobiles, but they are not all brands.

The mobiles that include the screen recorder are Xiaomi, Honor, Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, and Realmi, because manufacturers use layers of customization on the Android system that adds extra functions.

Where Are Screen Recordings Saved?

When you finish recording, you will see a notification that will take you directly to the recording so you can play the video. You can also play the video from the gallery, Google Photos, or movies folder.

Finally, if you wish, you can edit and share the video you recorded from any social network application or by mail.