How to choose watercolor brushes to learn to paint on canvas

If you are thinking of buying some watercolor brushes, you should know that not all are the same, far from it! Here we give you some tricks to know how to differentiate the quality.

Drawing lines with watercolor brushes is not always easy. It depends on many aspects, among which are the skill of the person, the texture of the canvas and, of course, the quality of the tools . How to know if the latter meet all the requirements? The key is to take into account a number of qualities.

Whether it is your purchase as a requirement at the level of school supplies or simply because you have decided to start developing a love for painting , you should know some tips to choose the best brushes for watercolor. A large set of this product must contain different thicknesses in order to be able to use each of them at the right time.

Choosing an appropriate synthetic hair can be the difference between having a product with an uneven stroke or simply an alternative with a long life . In the same way, they must be easily washable so that no traces of paint are embedded.

In the same way, it is advisable that they incorporate their own case for better storage. If possible, it is recommended that each of the models has its own designated space for a better experience when using it again in the future.

Exerz JH024 Artist Brush Set

Exerz offers a team consisting of 10 units of different thickness and function. It is made with high quality materials and designed to be used for several years without suffering excessive wear.

The package is also made up of a coating that is lined to improve the feeling of quality to the touch. Each of the brushes has its own specific space in the case. Its measurements are also 37 x 30 cm, making this product a very versatile product.

DigHealth 6 Pieces Water Brush

This interesting DigHealth proposal offers a different painting style than what we might be used to. Its differentiation consists in the mixture of water with the various tones. In this way, a surprising and different result is achieved. It is a very easy to clean option, as you just need to apply plenty of water to remove any residue.

Conda Set of 24 professional brushes with resistant canvas cover

This interesting option is designed mainly for people who pay attention to details. Thanks to the arrangement of up to 24 units, you can choose the model to use exactly the thickness that is required at all times. Each of the units is produced with the best quality synthetic hair to guarantee a good user experience.

The package incorporates a liner that allows storage of watercolor pencils. This solution is very ingenious, since these tools can be carried anywhere without fear of deterioration or wear as a result of friction.

CONDA Artist painting set with case

The differential accessory included in the CONDA proposal is directly related to color testing and testing. The classic palette that every good painter has used on occasion is included in this special package. In addition to this, a total of 12 watercolor brushes are included in order to have different types of strokes.

The package, on the other hand, incorporates a zippered case for easy storage of painting tools. It is a very interesting option for professionals or simply for beginners looking to develop their skills.


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