April 25, 2024
How to Change the Shipping Details of an Amazon Order

Surely on some occasions, you have made a mistake when requesting your Amazon order, either by putting the wrong information or something similar. With these indications, you will correct it.

Everyday items are bought in supermarkets, stores, or similar; but also online. With the appearance of “virtual stores”, everything is easier and one can buy items that you do not find easily in your region. Just wait a few days and what you bought will arrive at your home, without making much effort, of course, just investing your money.

Amazon is one of the giants of electronic commerce. Thousands of people around the world make purchases on your website every day. And surely it will have happened to you that, after buying an item, you realized that you did not put your address correctly (shipping destination), or perhaps you did not use the appropriate payment method or did not apply the “gift voucher balance”, among other things. If it has happened to you, keep in mind that you can modify any data of your Amazon order, and here we show you how to do it.

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How to Change Your Amazon Order Details

The reasons for changing the data of your order that you made in Amazon we mentioned above, and to what has been said we can add another one. For example, the fact that you have multiple credit cards and that you ended up not selecting the right one due to your haste.

Anyway, there may be more reasons that fit your reality, but the point here is how to modify the data of your Amazon order. Before indicating the steps to achieve this, it is important that you bear in mind that it is only possible if your order is in the picking or preparation phase. That is, they are just starting the steps to collect the orders in the warehouse, in order to proceed with their shipment.

Here are the steps to change the shipping details for your order :

Log in With Your Amazon Account

After placing your Amazon order. Select Accounts and Lists from the drop-down menu.
You will see multiple options. Click on your orders.

Now a list of the orders you have made will appear. There is an option that says: order details or view or modifies order (select that option).

You will have in detail the details of the order that you made (payment method, shipping address, and the option of the gift voucher balance). You can modify the information with the option to change or apply.

If you are going to use the change option, keep in mind that you can do two things: change the payment method and modify the shipping speed, that is, have the product you requested delivered faster (be careful about this, since they may charge you an additional payment than you originally made).
You can modify the shipping information for each purchase you make on Amazon.
Things to consider if your product comes from Amazon or from a third-party seller
When one buys on the Amazon website, we notice that the products come either from external sellers or from Amazon itself. Well, for each case there are particularities that you must take into account.

If you bought an item from Amazon, you will generally have more time to modify the shipping details. But if you bought from a third-party seller, the time to modify the shipping details is shorter. Specifically, you will have 30 minutes after making the purchase to make any changes to your order, or, failing that, cancel it. If this time has passed, and you still want to modify the details of your purchase, we recommend you contact the seller to explain your inconvenience.

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Finally, remember that before making a purchase online you must verify your personal data and the account number with which you are going to pay, among other things. This is in order to avoid bad times or you are forced to spend hours contacting the seller to find a solution to the problem.