April 19, 2024
Brand Awareness with Webinars

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So you’re a smart company looking to up your sales and revenue. Your product is pretty useful and affordable too. You even provide the value your competitors are no way near. The only thing holding you back? Your brand awareness is low!

Or maybe you’ve made some progress already but want to ramp up that aspect of your business some more.

Improve Your Brand Awareness

Whichever scenario describes your situation, the good news is, there’s a solution for you.


Webinars have been described by marketing experts as one of the best methods for building brand awareness and generating quality leads.

Of course, after creating awareness and reeling in all the leads with webinars, you can always use its compeer, interactive online meetings, for one-on-one pre-sale exploratory calls and personalized sales demos so you can turn in the deals more lovingly.

Let’s dive deeper into how webinars can boost your brand awareness and overall bottom line.

Ability to reach more audiences

Webinars are a godsend strategy for businesses that want to reach and engage a wide range of audiences, LIVE.

Unlike seminars, you can also reach people where you physically wouldn’t be able to get to, as participants would only need to use their computers and Internet access to connect.

With that kind of far-flung, expansive reach, more people get to learn about what you do.

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But not only can you reach a wider audience, but you also get to hold their attention intensively for a period of time. This provides an excellent opportunity for you to share your brand story with them.


There’s also a possibility of gaining more awareness through word-of-mouth advertising.

How? Those who register or attend your webinar already have an inherent interest in your company. They’re primed and pre-sold on what you have to offer.

Of course, this provides an initial ground for engagement and relationship-building, but here’s what I want you to see:

If you do a good job on the webinar and wow viewers, they’ll become potential free sources of advertisement themselves, spreading the word about your business.

This can only lead to increased brand awareness for your company.

Opportunity to build personal relationships

Let’s agree that reaching more audiences is like driving on horizontal lines, where you reach people from side to side, far and wide. And then there’s another aspect, where you drive on the vertical lines, going deeper with the audience by building relationships.

Relationships breed trust and interest; if they know you, they’ll be eager to know more, follow you, and even talk about you.

As you relate directly with potential prospects and share your story live on a webinar, they know there’s a human on the other side of the divide. They’re not dealing with just a computer, software, or website anymore.

After all, people don’t do business with computers; they do business with people.

So technically, webinars cover it all. Not only are you able to reach clients globally you also create a connection with your audience and build business relationships that can be converted to revenue.


The cost of creating a webinar is pretty low, especially if you compare it to other marketing activities like conventional meetings, seminars, and in-person conferences.


Basically, you just need a small fee for a webinar platform, a broadband connection, a microphone, a webcam, and maybe a glass of water to get started (yeah, it’s important to get your throat in the right condition because you’ll be talking a lot, right?).

With those limited requirements, there’s absolutely no reason to spend jillion in travel expenses and space rentals as in in-person product awareness blowouts.

And compared to the amount of increased awareness your product will gain from a well-attended webinar, the benefits definitely outweigh the costs.

The visual element

Do you know one thing that skyrockets brand awareness? It’s if you’re able to visually show your target audience what your product can do.

Webinars provide robust visual elements you can use to intentionally communicate your benefits and flesh out your brand.

Just to give you an idea, visual content increases purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%.

Ease of accessibility

Webinars are easily accessible to anyone that knows how to use the Internet!

Attendees can join from any place using any device, including their smartphones, which allows users to run or participate in webinars from anywhere, anytime.

This is something you can’t achieve with seminars as people will need to be physically present.

There are online platforms that can turn your blog and website visitors into highly engaged webinar attendees by embedding your webinar room directly in your website, thereby making accessing your webinar so easy you would think you’re eating pie.

What better way to increase awareness than to spread it through a virtual world with millions of potential users?!


With the flexibility, instructiveness, and visual factors associated with online meetings and webinars, you stand a greater chance of generating brand awareness and even boosting revenue in the process.

Compared to conventional methods like emails and phone calls, webinars are far more efficient, cost-effective, and impactful.

Even B2B marketers are attesting to the effectiveness and viability of webinars to expand their reach to a target audience and cultivate them throughout the entire sales process.

What about you? Are you keying into the effectiveness of webinars to boost your profits?