May 24, 2024
Find Out Why You Shouldn't Charge Your Mobile While You Sleep

Leaving your mobile plugged in at night can be very detrimental to the life of its battery. There are many myths about the methods to charge and extend the life of your smartphone’s battery. And perhaps you think that the best way to do it is by charging your mobile while you sleep so that it reaches 100 percent of its capacity.

However, you probably don’t know that you are making a terrible mistake, as that actually damages your smartphone’s battery and significantly shortens its life. That is why, to help you do things well, in this article we will tell you why you should not charge your mobile at night.

Avoid charging your mobile while you sleep

Unplug your smartphone when you go to bed and charge it when you wake up, it is a tip that could save the life of your battery, in addition to avoiding many problems. This could be done during your morning routine, while you’re at work, or when you’re watching television at night.

You can take advantage of the fast charging protocols, and it is even possible to do it in just 6 minutes, but doing it while you sleep means that it will be connected to the charger for much longer.

This is because when your mobile battery reaches 100 percent of its capacity, slow charging is added, that is, enough extra power to compensate for what your device uses by default.

By fully charging it and keeping it plugged in, you are abusing the battery, forcing it to use up more power when you don’t really need it. In addition, add the fact that if you charge it overnight, it will surely exceed the 80 percent recommended charge.

In case you don’t know, companies rarely allow you to fully utilize the full capacity of their batteries. However, your screen will continue to read 100 percent when your smartphone reaches the full charge capacity allowed.

Try not to use your mobile while it is charging

The truth is, you shouldn’t use your device for high-intensity activities while it is charging. Realistically, a lot of people do it, but doing it regularly can cause irreparable damage to your phone.

It can be tempting to watch YouTube videos or take your favorite game to the next level while your smartphone is plugged in, but it’s not worth negatively affecting your battery.

Regular use of apps while charging will noticeably slow down your phone after its first year of use, so if you want to keep your smartphone for a long time, try not to.

However, checking your messages or emails shouldn’t be a major problem, just don’t do anything that requires a lot of energy, and everything will be fine.

What can happen if you ignore these recommendations?

The first thing to know is that prolonged charging can also cause a rise in temperature, which will naturally result in battery degradation. It can also be dangerous in isolated cases, especially if you keep the phone under your pillow.

So try to avoid it, as the lack of airflow not only means potential damage to the battery but also increases the risk of fire.

Although manufacturers implement safety measures to avoid any type of accident. However, if you don’t have good charging habits or simply don’t pay attention to these tips, there could be irreversible consequences for your phone or its battery.

As additional advice, we recommend that you do not expose your device to extreme temperatures when you are charging it. Temperatures below 0 degrees and above 60 degrees Celsius degrade lithium-ion batteries faster, especially if your mobile is plugged into the charger.

Avoid sunbathing with the phone charging next to you and do not leave it in your car on a too-hot or cold day.

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