April 21, 2024
CrownCruiser, The Retro-Looking Electric Bike

Would you buy an electric bicycle for its design or for the presence of materials such as carbon fiber? Here are some of the keys to this technology.

The market for electric bicycles has grown exponentially in recent years. The presence of the pandemic has still favored the use of personal means of transport. This combination, together with the improvement of current technology in terms of batteries and other elements of the electrical system, has allowed an increase in companies related to these 2-wheel alternatives.

In this sense, it is becoming easier to find options at increasingly competitive prices. Following this premise, the truth is that there are models that seek to differentiate themselves with differential solutions. The use of state-of-the-art battery packs, the reduction of extra weight, or, simply, the presence of alternatives with differential shapes, has become notorious.


Electric Bicycles

The electric bicycle is a means of transport that is booming the model that we want to show you today mainly seeks to satisfy 2 of the 3 previous needs. The use of ultra-light materials, such as carbon fiber, together with an aesthetic that breaks with any other concept in the sector, means that we are faced with an electric bicycle that has, above all, a lot of personalities. How will it fit into the industry?

This is not a variant that stands out for its dynamic qualities or, of course, for the level of flexibility it offers the user. Even so, there are several qualities that it possesses to differentiate itself from the rest of the options present in an increasingly saturated market. The objective of obtaining a market share from a very specific target audience. How will they achieve it?

Let’s see, therefore, what are the main hallmarks of this kind of electric bicycle, why we are faced with a differential variant in the 2-wheel market, and, above all, to what extent this type of project can be successful in the short and medium-term in this industry. Is there room for more manufacturers or is the core distributed among very few firms?

electric bike

An Electric Bicycle That Bets on Carbon Fiber and Image.

As you can see below, we are facing an electric bicycle that has a unique design. Even so, let’s go on to mention what its dynamic qualities are. It has a 250 W motor, which only serves to contribute to pedaling. This, however, will only exercise its function up to a maximum of 25 km / , which is a reference for most of the options present in the market by legal imposition.

The CrownCruiser electric motorcycle has carbon fiber as its predominant material. Fuentitech
Well, what is the autonomy of a bicycle with these characteristics? As can be read in the specialized portal New Atlas, with each complete charging cycle, up to a total of 160 kilometers can be carried out. It is, therefore, a very prominent option. That, together with the ease of transporting the batteries, makes it a very practical alternative.

Security to prevent theft is one of its main hallmarks in relation to security, we are facing an electric bicycle that has various solutions to prevent theft of it. It has a monitoring system to know exactly where the unit is. Similarly, it has ** compatibility for Android and iOS systems, which facilitates the provision of a very flexible team in relation to the user.

This electric motorcycle, thanks to the use of the material mentioned a little above, manages to set the weight at about 25 kilograms. It is, therefore, a very interesting solution that seeks, above all, to be very easily manageable. Similarly, the load arrangement is striking, since it can carry a maximum of 150 kilograms of weight with it.

An Electric Bicycle is Designed to Meet Very Specific Needs.

As expected, we are facing a variant that is not designed for all audiences. Following this premise, its price cannot serve as a hook either, since it is available at a cost to the user of $ 3,150. In exchange for this sum, the user obtains a product that has a development potential that has been in force since 2018.

A CrownCruiser electric bicycle is an option that stands out, above all, for its qualities in terms of weight. New Atlas
It is one of the projects that has been in progress for the longest time without official accreditation. Its speaker, until now, had been exclusively the proposal of involvement through collective investment platforms in terms of patronage, also known as crowdfunding. Now, getting help from UK administrations has been key.

We will have to wait a while to know if this innovation is successful in the market or if, on the contrary, we are facing a product that is not very competitive. We already know what its strengths and main weaknesses are. Its potential in the electric bicycle market will depend on this or, on the contrary, the commitment to make the appropriate modifications.