April 19, 2024
Alice, a Completely Electric Plane With Autonomy to Consider

Since the standardization of electric cars, batteries seem to have become fashionable for use in all types of transportation. The 2-wheel market is beginning to see how more and more manufacturers dare to enhance their use. However, there are other proposals with little travel. The example of aviation is key.

The technology that is being handled is not cutting edge enough in this regard. Once again, autonomy is the main problem that surrounds electrical innovation. However, important advances are being made with the objective of developing a differential proposal. Are we closer than ever to seeing an airplane powered by its batteries?

Among the many projects that are being carried out, there is one that is in the last phase of development. Its name is Alice and it has been produced by an Aviation company. It is an option that has been under construction over the last few years. Now, after a long and intense work, it seems to declare a total of 200 miles of autonomy, about 643 kilometers to change.

The Alice is one of the main electric aircraft that is in development. We are, therefore, faced with an option that may be essential to understand what mobility will be like in the air in the coming years. The objective is to take the air for the first time before the end of this course, so it should be noted that, currently, all those final details related to safety are being refined. What if we are at the beginning of your success?

It is an aircraft that stands out, above all, for housing space for a total of 9 passengers, to which a total of 2 cabin crew must be added. Let’s see, therefore, what are the most outstanding characteristics of this model, why it is a project with great potential for the coming years, and, of course, how likely it is to be copied by other companies.

An electric plane with a range of more than 600 kilometers

The improvement of the technology present in the batteries has allowed extending the mileage cycle and, of course, reducing the weight of the structure. Even so, a product with these characteristics must have at least 2 engines. For this, according to what can be read on the specialized portal Electrek, two magni650 blocks from Mannix have been used.

The base of the product, as can be seen in the previous images, has been conceived for several years. During all this type, therefore, we proceeded to the development of an electrical mechanism that allows it to carry out journeys of at least a medium distance without polluting emissions. Under this pretext, are we facing a differential proposal?

Battery Pack

The set of batteries that it incorporates now is more efficient than the previous ones

The key to understanding the advances that have taken place is in the development of a battery pack with a density much higher than that present at the beginning of the project. In this way, it has been possible to design a much more flexible and lightweight technology. With this, in addition, it has been possible to play a little more with the dimensions of the block, which has been used to offer greater comfort to users.

Now, why might a reduction in initial autonomy sound like good news? A few years ago, the company claimed to be able to create a plane with a range of more than 600 miles, about 950 kilometers to change. On that occasion, only a series of virtual prototypes was palpable. On this occasion, there are tests that have been carried out effectively.

An optimistic proposal that will only be effective in 2024

There are still several stages ahead before entering the assembly line. We are facing a product that draws attention due to the disruption it presents to the industry. In this sense, several obstacles will have to be overcome. Among them, obtaining the necessary certification is the one that seems most complex in the short and medium term.

Despite these drawbacks, the first test could take place sometime in the last quarter of the year. However, the first deliveries could take place in 2024. By then, the technology included in the batteries is expected to be significantly superior, so an improvement in the autonomy figures by then is not ruled out.

And you, can you imagine one day crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a plane without polluting emissions? This is something that, quite possibly, is disposable in the decade in which we find ourselves. To do this, we will have to wait even longer. However, these small aircraft could be used to cover certain distances, such as those that take place within the borders of a country.