July 17, 2024
Understanding The Waves Blockchain

With each passing day, the whole concept of crypto seems to be growing at an exponential rate in terms of popularity. However, the popularity of certain coins such as Ethereum and Bitcoin can overshadow some promising future crypto trends.

One such case is the Waves blockchain. This blockchain was designed to become the alternative to Ethereum, and if we go over the numbers we can see that the developers succeeded in their task.

Besides having enormous potential for profit in the next bull market, the Waves blockchain can offer a number of benefits to investors and businesses.

Blockchain Tech

Waves History

The Waves crypto blockchain was created by Sasha Ivanov in 2016. Stating that this blockchain was successful as soon as it started would be an understatement. The overall success of the project can be contributed to the team.

Since then, the Waves development team is constantly upgrading the platform to ensure seamless operation. For instance, the major update in 2018 included features ranging from token freezing to multi-sig addresses and atomic swaps.

However, the success of 2018 doesn’t stop with those features. That year, the blockchain hit an impressive milestone of conducted transactions. More than 6 million transactions were made in a single day, which speaks volumes about the blockchain’s performance potential.

Is it a Good Investment?

As with every cryptocurrency, investing in Waves can have its benefits and drawbacks. When you are planning an investment, always consider your finances carefully and decide whether a loss on the crypto market is feasible, as the market is extremely unpredictable and the coins are volatile.

To determine whether Waves is the right investment choice for you, you can read everything about it on its website or on crypto specialized magazines. Research is the very factor that can separate investors from winners and losers.

The main telltale signs that Waves is a good investment are outlined below.

CATs (Custom Application Tokens)

CATs are the basic user tokens that are created on the Waves platform. Anyone can create and customize a token of their own directly through the lite client available on pc, iOS, and Android. To achieve this, it will only cost you 1 WAVE.

By using Waves, users can trade, launch, and distribute their own crypto in just a few minutes.  Keep in mind that you can manage your tokens through scripts, running in your account on the blockchain.

The main goal of the Waves blockchains is to allow everyone in the world to create their own token. Generally speaking, creating your own token can be incredibly difficult and you might require serious development skills. 

The Waves blockchain simply removes the technological barriers and allows communities to enjoy their own tokenization.


The waves blockchain offers users to make seamless transactions due to its decentralized nature. On top of that, everyone can trade with Waves-based coins regardless of their geographical location.

On top of that, the blockchain networks allow you to create and trade without the need for smart contracting programs which means it’s one of the most ideal platforms to launch your new token strategy.


The blockchains are incredibly fast. More than 100 transactions can be completed, which makes speed one of its biggest attributes. This is incredibly important for businesses and individuals that have the need to make transactions on a regular basis. 


Besides the technical benefits of Waves, there are profits to be made. Staking Waves will bring users rewards. To run a full staking node, you will require 1000 Waves.

The reason for that number is that PoS networks require a large deposit to be able to participate as a node. So, if a malicious node contributes to a profit loss, the financial burden will be shared.

Proof of Stake

How to buy Waves

You can buy cryptocurrency from any major crypto exchange. To find the right exchange for you, research and compare various options. 

Purchasing Waves is the same as any other crypto and you will need either a software or hardware wallet to store them.

Final Thoughts

Even though crypto can be extremely volatile, certain blockchains can offer you significant ROI and potentially change your financial status forever. If you are interested in a blockchain that fosters creativity, then Waves is the right option for you.

The various benefits this blockchain offers are outlined above, so make sure to review them before you consider investing.