May 26, 2024

The next Indiana Jones game from Bethesda is also anticipated to release on the PlayStation 5 system from Sony. When Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was first teased for Xbox and PC at Microsoft’s Xbox Developer Direct event last month, we got our first look. There is knowledge of Microsoft’s intentions that Bethesda is also thinking about releasing Indiana Jones and the Great Circle on the PS5.

New multi-platform strategy from Microsoft

We’ve heard that Microsoft is considering a new multi-platform strategy for some Xbox games, and that they’re debating which games will stay exclusive and which ones may eventually be available on Switch or PS5. It looks like this new generation of multi-platform games includes Indiana Jones.

Although Bethesda will initially release their Indiana Jones game only for the Xbox system, we’ve been informed that this exclusivity will only last for a short while. While Bethesda is aiming for an Xbox and PC launch in December 2024, a PS5 release is being contemplated for a few months later.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle’s release date and platform availability may vary, especially because Microsoft hasn’t decided on a new multi-platform strategy for Xbox titles. In recent months, Microsoft has been considering releasing some Xbox exclusives to the PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Cross-platform considerations have apparently been made for Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush. Microsoft has reportedly also looked into bringing additional Xbox games to competing systems.

Indiana Jones PS5 xbox Microsoft

Xbox is thinking out of the box

According to our sources, a Hi-Fi Rush announcement on platforms other than Xbox is anticipated in the upcoming weeks. Earlier this week, datamined game assets suggested a PS5 and Nintendo Switch release. Additionally, according to XboxEra, Microsoft intends to release Starfield for the PS5 once the game’s “Shattered Space” expansion for the Xbox and PC was released.

During the FTC v. Microsoft case last year, we discovered that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was initially intended to be released on several systems. Pete Hines, the former head of global publishing for Bethesda, testified that Disney had a contract for numerous consoles, but that once Microsoft acquired Bethesda, the pact was changed to be exclusive to the Xbox console.
Hines explained the move by saying that “you’re dealing with a licensor who’s going to have a tonne of feedback on what you’re making, add a lot of time to your schedule” and that there may be delays in getting the game onto various consoles.

Although it would be surprising if Indiana Jones was released on the PS5, we’ve been informed that Microsoft is still deeply divided on whether Xbox titles should be released on competing systems. Microsoft appears to have decided that select Xbox games will be available on the PS5 and Nintendo Switch, but as I mentioned last month, the details will determine the final outcome.