May 30, 2024
Web Pages

you can see the old version of a website with the Google cache and with the Wayback Machine. Easy guide.

There are millions of web pages stored on hundreds of servers, of which around 75% are abandoned, inactive, or blocked for some reason; However, Google from time to time updates and maintains certain information from the portals through captures, especially when the information is indexed in search engines.

To Browse Old Versions

This logically allows you to verify some information, see and examine the changes that a web page has undergone over time, and even solve problems.

And if you are one of those who want to browse old versions of web pages, we tell you that there is a browser designed for this type of process and it is called the Wayback Machine. The service offered by the platform is very efficient and has more than 380,000 million indexed pages that you can access without any major problems.

browse old versions of web pages how to browse old versions of web pages
The difference between Google and the Wayback Machine is that the Google web search engine saves screenshots in the short term, that is, only hours or a couple of days in the cache. However, the Wayback Machine stores old portal snapshots, content, and links for years, as its spiders read the portal logs on a daily basis and cache data that can be very useful in the future

 Google Cache

The process to see older versions of the Google cache is very easy, to do it take into account the following:

Enter the Google search engine.
Write the page you want to locate.
In the results, just above you will see a drop-down arrow. Click on it to show the options menu.
Now select “Cached”.
There you can see a screenshot of the Google cache.
How to view old pages from the Google catheter the Google search engine and perform a search
How to view old or deleted web pages with
As we said before, the Wayback Machine is a service that gives you the opportunity to review your older web pages. It should be noted that if for some reason the system does not show you results, the causes may be the following:

The web page has been blocked by robots.txt.
The site has been protected by the owner with a password.
The content has been censored.
The server was down or was completely removed for illegal reasons.
Anyway, you can check the URL by following these steps:

Official Internet Archives Page.

Enter the official Internet Archives page.
How to view old or deleted web pages enter the Wayback Machine and enter the URL
Enter the URL in the search box.
Click on the “Browser History” button to locate the web history.
Below you will see a time chart. Select the year and month you want to review.
Three colors will appear on the calendar: a date without color indicates that the system did not save any information – a blue date indicates that it was saved correctly – a green date indicates redirection (3xx). If any of the circles encompassed by the date is larger than others, it means that several captures have been made for the same day.
How to view old or deleted web pages-2Select a date from the calendar to view the stored files or snapshots
When you place the cursor over one of the blue dates, it will show you the captures made that day. Select any of them according to the preferred time and it will immediately send you to the registered files.
How to view old or deleted web pages-3This is what capturing registered files from an old version web page looks like
Although the Wayback Machine is the most storage capacity browser available to browse old versions of web pages yet, don’t rule out visiting other services such as the Library of Congress or old web today.