How to enable gadgets in Windows 10

Did you love Windows gadgets? You can easily download and install them on your Windows 10 compute

How to enable gadgets in Windows 10

Those who have known the versions of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 will surely know what we are talking about when we mention Windows desktop gadgets .

Windows gadgets were programs that ran on the desktop and allowed you to obtain information about the weather, view the day’s agenda, control the music player, check your mail, the time and other things.

From version 8 of Windows these gadgets no longer came by default with the operating system, however, it was possible to download them if one wanted to continue using them.

With Windows 10 this changed, because in addition to not coming with the installation of the system, gadgets are not available to download as it could with Windows 8.

On Microsoft’s official site they clarify that gadgets are no longer available due to serious vulnerabilities that would allow a hacker to have access to full control of your computer using the gadget’s weaknesses .

Despite everything, many Windows users continued to complain and ask to have these items available on the desktop again, as they were very useful to them.

Due to this great demand, some developers were busy creating gadgets identical to those of Windows but without the security problems that the previous ones had.

Thanks to them it is now possible to obtain the same gadgets that were used in previous versions of Windows simply by downloading them from the internet.

Surely you want to know how to get them, and we are going to tell you right now.

How to enable and add gadgets in Windows 10

On the internet we can find free programs to download and install gadgets compatible with Windows 10 .The appearance is identical to the original ones from Microsoft, therefore when you install them you will not see any difference with the previous ones.

One of the sites from which you can download gadgets for your PC is .

How to enable gadgets in Windows

When entering the website, the first thing you will have to do is download the installers .Once you have installed this application it will run automatically. When you log in, you will be able to see the Windows panel and various gadgets on your desktop .

To install the gadgets that you like the most, you must right-click on the Windows panel and select the Add option in the pop-up menu to insert the applications.

Once this step is finished you will only have to double click on the gadget to activate it and make it appear on your desktop .

If you wish, you can also customize these gadgets by opening the window that shows you all that are available and clicking on the Options button , from that section You have complete control over how it appears. At the end of the edition, click on OK .

Gadgets Revived is another site from which we can get Windows gadgets .

How to enable gadgets in windows 10Gadgets Revived
As in the previous case, you have to enter the web to download and install the program , once installed on the computer its operation is identical to that of previous versions of Windows .

A click with the right mouse button on an empty area of the desktop will be enough to place the gadget you want there.

The procedure is very simple, right-click on an empty area of the desktop and when you open the drop-down menu you must select Gadgets and then choose the one you want to place on your Windows desktop .

If we continue searching the net, we will find Rainmeter .

How to enable gadgets in Windows 10Rainmeter

When you visit you will find two versions to download, the beta version and the final version of the program.

The beta version usually has bugs, so it is recommended that you download the final version.

One of the advantages of rainmeter is that it is very customizable, it allows you to choose from thousands of customizable skins.

Once again, access the website and download the Rainmeter installer . Before installing it, you can choose the language and the type of installation , which can be standard or portable, this option allows you to run the program without having to install it.

Once you have the gadgets you can change their appearance and move them to the place on the desktop that you prefer or combine elements of one gadget with another.

If you are one of those nostalgic people who missed having gadgets on the desktop , now you know where to get them.

To avoid infecting your computer with malware, we recommend that you only download devices from reputable websites.

As always, we strive to bring you valuable information. If you think it has been useful, please leave your comment and share.


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