Security Expert Warns Of The Potential Dangers Of Killer Sex Dolls

Security Expert Warns Of The Potential Dangers Of Killer Sex Dolls

When it comes to sex, us humans are a colorful bunch, and we celebrate our sexualities in ways we’ve never done before. In 2017, it’s no longer taboo to discuss the possibility of bringing toys into the bedroom at a dinner party.

It doesn’t matter whether you fancy flogging your beau in a pink gemstone gimp mask or riding a 12 inch dildo called Ken, sex toys are now available to buy on the high street, but did you know they actually date back over 28,000 years?

Sex robots, however, are a relatively modern phenomenon. Whilst they’re characteristically only used by men who’re unable to get a real life breathing woman, there’s no denying that they’ve brought happiness to many.

In fact, there have been countless instances of men marrying sex dolls, and some have even left real women for them!

According to a maker of sex dolls, “In many cases, sex dolls are even better than real women since we can make ideal proportions and there aren’t malformations like blemishes or scars. All that’s required is a little lubrication, and a bit of warm water to simulate body heat, and it’s going to feel 90% like the real thing.”

Like all forms of technology, however, sex robots are machines and have the potential to fail. When a machine requires you to insert your throbbing phallus inside it, this is obviously a concerning piece of information.

In contrast to the scenario depicted in The Terminator (1984), cyber security expert Dr Nick Patterson is warning that sex dolls could be hacked to murder their human users, rather than deciding to do it themselves.