How May Start Earning between N20,000 ($50) to N100,000 ($245) DAILY.

How May Start Earning between N20,000 ($50) to N100,000 ($245) DAILY.

May I introduce you to CashPoolPro a.k.a CPP. This is one of the numerous Cryptocurrency revolution aimed at bringing about Financial Freedom to every participant in the program.
“The Code to Earning Over 60 bitcoins Every 60 days or Less Had Just Been Revealed.
CPP auto-pilot system which is the 1st world wide Straight-Line Cycler will be Pre-launched on Monday 1st of May, 2017.
This is a system where you can earn 61.41btc within 30 to 60days just by starting with 0.03btc”
You see, Everything you need to know about how CashPoolPro (CPP) works and also how to earn over 60 bitcoins (which is over 39million naira / over $90,000) every 30 to 60days is in the Video below.
Below is a video that will help you Learn:
 How You can earn DAILY INCOMES from CPP and never ever go broke for the rest of your life.
 You will understand why a member can earn up to 1bitcoin (N700,000 0r $1,700) between 3 to 7 days of joining CPP.
 You will also discover that, even if you don’t know how to refer people into this business, you will still earn 61.41 bticoins in this business.
 You will also learn how to double and quadruple your income within 2 month with ease.
 You will also Notice that CPP is neither a Ponzi nor a Pyramid Scheme, therefore, making it safe to join. The Video will guide you all the way. So watch it to the end and Follow the Instructions Below To Get Started.

Hope You Enjoyed Every bit Of this Video?
Should In Case You Can’t Access The Video From Here Due To Poor Internet Access, You Can Place A Request For This Video On Whatsapp by Sending:
‘Your Name, Kindly Share The CPP Video Presentation.’ Here is the Whatsapp number to send your request to; +234 8030984785.

From the Video You Just Watched I believe you Learnt that;
– In CPP, Referrals are not mandatory, which means that everyone will earn over 60btc in CPP whether they refer or NOT.
– It’s a Global business where Everyone in the world joins in a single horizontal line, thereby, making it possible for those who can’t refer to earn. – You will cycle out to the next phase as soon as 3 people who joins after you are assigned to you, either referred by you or from any referrer.
– You will earn Referral income of 0.01btc(which is over N6,000 0r $16) for every direct referral you register with your referral link. (This is the way the company says Thank YOU for telling someone about CPP).
– You can refer unlimited numbers of people to CPP if you are interested in earning some extra 0.01btc as referral commissions daily.
– The Payments are fully automated without delays.
– As soon as you cycled out from phase 0 the system will purchase a new position for you with 0.03btc so you can cycle out faster and also earn more income. – There is No Monthly or Yearly subscription in CPP.
– Lastly, it cost 0.031bitcoin to start your CPP home based and start Earning
(Go to to check the current value of 0.031btc).

My Promo For The 1st 1,000 Members To Register And Also Purchase A Position In This Business.

You will be receiving 0.002bitccoins which is currently equivalent to N2,000 naira or $4 to once you register with my referral link by clicking on the SIGN UP Button Below.

How To Claim Your Free 0.002btc

To Claim your 0.002btc, all you have to do is to send me a message on Whatsapp (+234 8030984785) with a screenshot of your CPP dashboard which shows your Username and My Username (vasnate) as your sponsor. And the image must also indicate that you had purchased your first position in the business.

Imagine…N2,000 x 1000 people = N2,000,000 Naira Therefore, a total of N2million naira is going out to YOU for free to 1,000 confirmed registered members (You can only participate Once in this Promo).


Follow these 5 Steps Accordingly to Get started and be on Your Way To Earning over 60btc in CPP:
1. Download Coinpayments Wallet App for a quicker and Faster Payments confirmation in CPP (Note that Blockchain is Extremely slow at Confirming payments and this can be very frustrating). Therefore, click on this link to watch how to download and setup your Coinpayments app right away or Request for the Video on Whatsapp (+234 8030984785):
2. Click on this Referral link to register:
3. Send ‘Reg. Video Request’ to this Whatsapp number +234 8030984785 for a direct transfer of the Registration Video to you.
4. Click on the link to register on Coinbase
5. Send me a snapshot of your Proof of Registration on Whatsapp which shows the Purchase of your new position in the business and your 0.002btc will be paid to you immediately.
6. Lastly Request to be Added into the Members Group On Telegram for Free Coaching and


Here are some Testimonies out of so many testimonies I had received from our CPP members who had earned money both from those who referred and those who did Not refer a single soul into the business.

This is the easiest home based business I have done so far. Just within 4days, I made a profit of N75,000 without referring a Single person. I’m now ready to start referring people into this business because everything you said is true. I’m really working to be like you Sir. Thanks once again. Bally C. Abel.

Bossest Boss… Only if you know how happy i am right now. I have earned both from referring people and also from the Straight-line Cycler. When I woke up this morning, I had another fresh 0.14btc (N90,800) that was just resting in my wallet… lol. I am so glad that i started this business early and I have my proofs to show. Thank you for making me believes that this is possible. Sunday Y. Adedayo.

Boss, I already earned 0.23btc ($259 or N149,966 naira) in CCP within 6days both from referrals and also from the Straight-line Cycler with ease. You see, this is the first time in my life that i am earning such an huge amount of money within a very short time frame. CPP works and i’m so blessed to be in this system Boss. Thanks a lot for your guidance and generosity Sir.
Abu Q. Bash.
And So On..

“If You Are Born Poor Its Not Your Mistake, But If You Die Poor, Then, Its Your Mistake.”

Thanks for reading…but one thing is important…ACTION. Take massive action today by registering on this platform with the registration link provided.