eCom Shopping Extension: Cashbex Extension for Chrome gets you cash back and coupons from all leading retailers

Cashbex is a new Cash Back and Coupons provider that went the extra mile and developed an extension for the Chrome browser that lets you earn cash back from thousands of online retailers. In fact, most of the major online retailers and marketplaces you can think of are supported by the app, and best of all, you don’t even have to do anything for the cash back to be credited to your account. Simply install the extension and register your Cashbex account, and you’ll be able to login periodically to check the balance of your cash back and rewards.

If you are not using Cashbex extension you are losing money

How Can Cashbex Partner with So Many Retailers?

You might be thinking to yourself: “how exactly can one App instantly give you access to cash back from thousands of different companies?” Obviously, it must’ve taken the developers a lot of groundwork to pull off such an extensive networking feat, but as a result, Cashbex is now able to collect commissions from most of the purchases you make online, and the company then forwards those commissions directly to your Cashbex account. It is a nifty concept really – they’re third-party that collects any applicable sales commissions on your behalf and returns them to you.

Is There a Limit to the Amount of Cash Back You Can Get?

Cashbex currently only provides payments via PayPal upon the user’s request, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $5. However, there is no limit to how long you can let the account accrue cash back, so you could technically save all your cash backs for a year and withdraw them all at once to pay for anything you may need. When you look at it that way, covering the cost of a plane or cruise ticket at the end of the year seems to be a fair trade for installing a browser extension.

If you are not using Cashbex extension you are losing money

Some of the Online Stores that Cashbex Works With

You might be thinking: “surely this thing will only work with some online stores I’ve never heard of,” but you’d be surprised to learn that there are literally hundreds of the world’s leading brands nestled in among the thousands of retailers that the extension supports. Here are just some examples of the leading stores and marketplaces that work with Cashbex:

Keep in mind that the examples above are literally only a handful of the companies that allow cash back through Cashbex. The official list is continually growing and includes more than 3,000 brands and online stores at the time of writing the article.

Clean Interface and Cash Back from Ad Revenue

Cashbex has a simple, yet well-designed interface that makes it easy to check on how much cash back you’ve earned and request payments. Recently they’ve also started offering users the ad revenue they generate when visiting a page. So for example, if you visit a page and view an ad, you would get paid a percentage of what the site gets for serving you the ad.

Because, after all, you deserve to get some of the money you create, too.

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