COVID 19: Locally Produced Ventilator by Usman Dalhatu

COVID 19: Locally Produced Ventilator by Usman Dalhatu

Usman Dalhatu is an 200 level mechanical engineering departmentĀ  of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. The young and vibrant innovational undergraduate saw the challenges of COVID 19 pandemic and went into production of the much needed ventilators.

Usman according to his social media platform twitter @UsmanDalhatu5 is the CEO of Dalsman Tech Nigeria.

It was claimed he earlier made a prototype of it and eventually improved on it with a new version. Yes, a portable e-vent automatic ventilator.

His efforts has so far drawn the attention of one of the northern state governor of Gombe. Though whats is left is how far he could be supported to fully test and deploy this in the health sector with a full scale production.

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