Bill Gates And The Conspiracy Theory of COVID 19 Vaccine by Bamisaye Victor

Bill Gates And The Conspiracy Theory of COVID 19 Vaccine by Bamisaye Victor

Ever since the theory back and forth of the vaccination as proposed by Bill Gates and group, a lot of controversy theories has emerged with people being less informed adequately about the whole issue.

While people are sentimentally attached in their analysis, others are totally ignorant of the facts or simply chooses to do so no mater what!

However a good number of online writers are trying to put the pieces together in order to enlighten as much people as possible (especially in Africa) without holding brief for any one.

One of such persons is Bamisaye Victor:

“Before vaccination
1. People had my surname as their names because they were Abiku (Stillborn)
2. Ogbanje was popular and common.
3. Smallpox (Sopona) was considered a deity.
4. Ordinary measles was killing people.
5. People thought polio meant the gods were angry

Vaccination reduces infant mortality by a very large percentage, many of you are alive and well today thanks the vaccination you received as a kid. Vaccination didn’t kill you then, and the guy who partnered to make it available by subsidy suddenly wants to kill you now.

You say, he wants to put microchip you in the Vaccine to track you and all sort, but your little pea DULL brain forgot you’re typing from a SMART phone and that’s all anybody needs to get all your information. You are the same person that opens all Facebook application to tell you what you should have been, what your future child will look like, you are the same dunce that download all sorts of games and applications and allow it access to your contacts and camera😂😂😂. The same person that tries to watch free movies from illegal sites?😂
If anyone wants to track you, you’re already a gooner.


Bill Gates as a man, is and will never be perfect. He’d probably be interested in causes you consider immoral (Especially for you moral police that think what you think of abortion and LGBTQ) but the man has put his money where his mouth his. He’s shown love to Africa as a whole.

While your politicians loot your commonwealth and your clergies exploit you through the tithe and offering taxations, Mr. Gates and his wife bring from their hard earned money to Eradicate diseases such as Malaria and Polio.

Yes, Covid-19 is the pandemic bedeviling the world now, everyone with half a brain knows we must either get a cure or a Vaccine.
Mr. Gates chooses to work on the latter as it falls in line with his experience, you may not agree with him but please come up with ideas better than his.

Yes, I went there.